Gretchen McNeil


Josie- the main character in the book. She has her few friends and a boyfriend nick until he cheats on her with one of her best friends her parents are divorced and she is an only child. Her whole family is crazy about science. Her mom is working on a science 'project' and is being very secretive about it. Little does Josie know that her 'mom' isn't actually her mom and that her wold will turn upside down making a mess along the way.

Jo- the Josie in a parallel universe. Jo is popular. Everyone loves her except josies friends. they dispise her. She never answers questions in school and has always wanted nick to go out with her but he refuse. Jo knows what has been happening and what's been going on so when Josie offers to switch places for 24 Hours (through a mirror) she takes the chance that she can. After they switch jo pushes the mirror up against a cement wall and puts a wood beam behind it from moving. Not knowing what her mom plans to do and what will happen ahead, she gets herself in a situation that she might find her self stuck in.

Nick- school jock. Runs track but 'has his eye for one girl'. In Josie's world he is her ex boyfriend who cheated on her. reason being she was so busy and caught up in her own world she was never there for him and he has just found out that his brother tony has cancer. he cheats on Josie with her best friend Madison. Who 'never meant to hurt her. It just happened' in jo's world nick hates her and she's been chasing him for years trying to get him to go out with her. When Josie and Jo switch. He realizes the difference between the two and questions Josie about it not knowing he would fall in love and finds himself in a tough situation


One theme in the book 3:59 is the good and the evil. Josie is the good who is just trying to get away from it all, away from her friends, away from school, away from herself. and Jo is the evil. Jo acts all innocent and tells Josie what she wants to hear but when they switch Jo blocks the only way that her and Josie can switch back. Josie falls for it and is trapped in a parallel universe and just wants to get back to her world so that everything can be normal.


the book 3:59 is filled with action, drama, betrayal, and so much more. Josie the main character is finding herself in a complicated situation. her parents split, staying wit her mom while her dad moves out, she realizes her mom is acting weird.her mom asks her to pick up a mirror from her dad and when she gets it, weird things start to happen. she gets stopped in front of a train and keeps checking the time because she is late to work. when the clock hits 3:59 a bright flash shines through the car blinding Josie an knocking her out. when she gets back up she checks the time and it is 4:07 and she is late to work. she gets fried so she goes to see her boyfriend nick at track practice. when he isn't there she stops by his house only to find the worse. her boyfriend nick is cheating on her with her best friend Madison. she feels betrayed. she goes home and mourns about her brake up with nick, not wanting to do anything she mopes around for a while. going up to her room where she placed the mirror her mother asked her to get from her father she looks at it for a while. checking the time its 3:59. she looks back at the mirror and sees that it starts to ripple like when you drop a pebble in water she watches the mirror after it finally settles back and sees the same thing as she saw before but, there is a person in her bed. her to be exact. she turns around to see her bed empty and looks back and forth not before the mirror ripples back to normal after a couple days she finally decides to go to school and sees her friend Penelope. during school all she can think about is nick and Madison so she leaves early and goes home. when she goes home her mom is working down in the basement and she hears a ton of noises she checks with her mom to see if she is okay. she opens the door and a red light flashes throughout the house. Josie's mom tells her to go back upstairs and that everything is fine so she listens to her. Josie falls asleep and wakes up in the middle of the night. she looks at the time and its 3:57. minutes after she looks over to the mirror and it starts to ripple again. this time a girl is staring back at her. Josie touches the mirror and its like jello. she pushes her hand all the way through until its all the way through the mirror and into the Parallel universe. she soon finds out that. the girl she is looking at is her in a parallel universe named Jo. one day the decide to switch places for 24 hours so when they switch places, Jo blocks off the Mirror so that they cant switch back and then walks down to Josie's mom knowing that Josie's mom is actually Jo's mom. Jo's world where Josie is, things are not going to well for Josie. all of her friends at her normal world hate her and she lives with her dad because her mom is in a mental institute. parallel universe nick realizes something is wrong when Josie answers a question in class and is polite to people finding out that Jo is very popular and doesn't answer questions or does school work. eventually leaving school she gets back to her house and finds nick in her room with a gun. he tries to kill Josie because he knows that she isn't Jo. Josie tells him everything that has happened and then he takes her to a 'secret lab'. its dark out so nick tries to go as quick as possible because of the nox. the nox is an animal that is very viscous, it can fly, and can kill a person in a matter of seconds, but they only come out during the night time. day time is when they are in Josie's real world and the time is flipped so its night time there. Josie, Nick, Penelope, and Madison all try to figure out what the portal is and get a good idea of it. soon Josie visits her mother and finds out that her and Jo's mom had switched places and they needed to get her out of the mental institution so they do everything they can to get her out. finally they get her out and back to the house. then Josie goes back to the lab to finish up her research on the portal and nick is there. it starts to get dark so they leave hoping that there was still enough light to last them, but they where wrong they got attacked by nox and find nicks supposedly dead brother tony. who is a ghost/human hybrid. after everything that's went on nick tells Josie very important news/information not knowing how she felt or what her reaction will be he tells her and it turns everything around..


"he was choking now, suffocating on whatever made up the portal" from 3:59. This quote sets the whole basics of the story because, it revolves around Josie and her struggle in life. At times you may find your self in a bad situation but you just have to push through it. At the end everything will work out and be okay. you just have to believe that everything will turn around to the better in the end.