Important Information for your Senior Year at West Valley

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You've finally made it...

There are just months until your graduation on May 16th! Stay tuned for a Senior Class Meeting in late September to discuss Caps & Gowns, Graduation Planning, and Counseling Updates. But in the meantime...

WV Counselors will be meeting individually with each Senior beginning on Monday, September 12th to complete your annual Personal Learning & Career Plan (PLCP) meetings. In order to meet with each of you, these meetings will continue through early October. We will be confirming your graduation progress, discussing steps you are taking for your "Life After West Valley", and reviewing important resources.

Newsletter Topics Include:


Please do not be afraid to reach out with any questions. Your Senior year is busy and will go faster than you think - it's never too early to be on top of applications and research. We can't wait to celebrate all that you have accomplished!

~West Valley Counseling Team

Personal Learning & Career Plan (PLCP) Meetings

Counseling Staff will be sending individual passes to students with your scheduled PLCP date and time. Please be sure to stop by the Counseling Office and let us know if you cannot make your scheduled meeting time.

We are busy ensuring all Seniors have the credits they need for graduation in May. Students and parents can also view graduation progress in PowerSchool -> Academics -> Graduation Progress. Another useful tool is the West Valley Credit Worksheet (shown below). Remember:

Credits to Earn Diploma = 22.5 Credits

Credits to Earn Honor Medallion (to be worn at Graduation ceremony) = 24 Credits

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Physical Education (PE) Waivers

Still need to submit PE waivers to meet graduation requirements? Your Counselor needs these forms submitted with your parent and coach signatures by Oct. 15th (unless sport season is not over yet). Forms are available for pick-up in the Counseling office or at https://www.k12northstar.org/Page/8887. Keep in mind:

  • 1 Sport Season = 0.25 PE Waiver
  • Students can submit up to 4 PE waivers (up to 1.0 credits waived)
  • For the Class of 2023, PE waivers do not earn actual credit - students can choose a different elective course in its place

College Entrance Exams - ACT & SAT

While some colleges and universities have moved to "test-optional" status, many schools continue to require students to submit ACT or SAT scores for admission. A good ACT or SAT score can also boost a college application. To qualify for the Alaska Performance Scholarship (APS), students MUST submit qualifying ACT or SAT scores by their graduation date (or WorkKeys for CTE Track).

Schedule Your Exam Online:

ACT: https://www.act.org/

2022-23 Exam Dates: Oct. 22nd, Dec. 10th, Feb. 11th, Apr. 15th

SAT: https://www.collegeboard.org/

2022-23 SAT Exam Dates: Oct. 1st, Nov. 5th, Dec. 3rd, Mar. 11th, May 6th

Fairbanks-Area Proctor = UAF Testing Center: https://ecampus.uaf.edu/exam-services/.

West Valley School Code: 020028

Which exam should you take? Compare the ACT & SAT:




Common App - Apply to multiple schools with one application & fee.

Visit School Websites directly - many may have their own online applications.

Fiske's Sizing-Yourself-Up Survey - Take the short survey to learn more about yourself and help choose a college that best fits you.

UAF Inside Out Day - Oct. 22, 2022

WorkKeys Exam

Local unions require students/applicants to submit WorkKeys scores with their applications. The WorkKeys exam is also another route to qualify for the Alaska Performance Scholarship (to pay for certificate programs in state). The WorkKeys exams consists of 3 sections: Applied Math, Graphic Literacy, and Workplace Documents.

Scheduling the Exam:

Fairbanks Job Center
675 Seventh Avenue, Station D – Fairbanks, AK 99701-4531

To pre-register: Call front desk at (907) 451-5901. Test is offered most Mondays from 1:00pm to 4:00pm and Wednesdays from 9:00am to 12:00pm

For more information on the WorkKeys exams and its components, visit www.act.org/workkeys.

Career & Technical Education (CTE) Opportunities

There are a wide variety of opportunities available to students who are interested in pursuing highly sought after skilled trade careers. Students can gain industry-standard certifications and direct entry to unions through our district programs.

Intro to Trades Classes (taught at the Pipeline Training Center): https://www.k12northstar.org/Page/7859

Applications available Spring of Senior year.

School to Apprenticeship Program: https://www.k12northstar.org/Page/5163

Apply for direct entry to local unions - applications available Spring of Senior year.

Transcripts & Letters of Recommendation

  • TRANSCRIPTS - Request High School Transcripts Online via Parchment

  • Letters of Recommendation - Allow 2 Weeks MINIMUM!
    • Request letters from teachers & staff who know you well
    • Deadline for Fall Semester = Dec. 1st, 2022 (to request from staff)
    • Fill out Student & Parent Input Forms - Available in the Counseling Office or online at https://www.k12northstar.org/Page/10427
Still undecided about your plans for after high school? Utilize the Alaska Career Information System (AKCIS) to research careers, find colleges across the U.S., and search for scholarship opportunities. Some of our favorite tools include:

Career Interest Inventory - Answer questions about your likes/dislikes to create a list of careers that fit your unique interests.

School Sort - Search for colleges and post-secondary education opportunities that meet your criteria (location, major, cost, etc.) across the entire U.S.

Financial Aid Sort - Explore scholarships and grants that you might qualify for.


All Alaska students have access to a free account (typically set-up during your English 10 class), or utilize the generic West Valley HS login:

User: westvalley

Password: 4Student

Scholarships & Financial Aid

West Valley Counseling Scholarship Page: https://www.k12northstar.org/Page/3004
  • Includes many local scholarships, listed by the month they are typically due

Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA): https://studentaid.gov/

  • Apply for federal student aid including federal grants, work-study, and loans
  • Required by many states and colleges and used to determine your eligibility for other forms of scholarship and aid
  • Application opens in October 1st, 2022

Western Undergraduate Exchange (WUE): https://www.wiche.edu/tuition-savings/wue/

  • Agreement between 16 states (including Alaska) to provide reduced-rate tuition to nonresidents


The APS provides an opportunity for Alaska high school students to earn a scholarship to help cover the cost of an Alaska postsecondary education.

Eligibility requirements for APS include:

  • Alaska residents who graduate from an Alaska high school (public, private, or home school);
  • Take required coursework in high school;
  • Earn minimum of 2.5 GPA;
  • Meet qualifying score on college/career entrance exam.

Your application for APS is completing your FAFSA. Find more information at https://acpe.alaska.gov/FINANCIAL-AID/AK-Performance-Scholarship.

NCAA Eligibility

Interested in continuing your athletic career at the college level? Make sure your West Valley coursework meets NCAA eligibility requirements. Students who are serious about collegiate level sports should register for an account at https://web3.ncaa.org/ecwr3/.

UAF Courses for High School Students

The University of Alaska Fairbanks offers an opportunity for high school students to take eCampus (engaging online courses) at a reduced tuition rate. Find more information and register for classes through the Alaska Advantage Program at https://ecampus.uaf.edu/advantage/.

Students must complete an Outside Credit Request through the FNSBSD to receive high school credit as well: https://www.k12northstar.org/Page/8880.

Counselor Contact Information

Teesha Lane

Freshmen Counselor


(907) 479-4221 ext. 46523

Willie Blackburn

Last Names A-G (10th-12th Grade)


(907) 479-4221 ext. 46525

Colleen Johnston (Interim)

Last Names H-O (10th-12th Grade)


(907) 479-4221 ext. 46524

Anna Sprague

Last Names P-Z (10th-12th Grade)


(907) 479-4221 ext. 46527