April NEWS

Golden Glindas ~ Team Cathy

Start April Strong!

Hi TEAM! It's a new Month, and a beginning to collection launch! What an exciting time, now we have another way to market our business....handbags!

Make sure to check out the Summer Collection info and marketing materials in the Lounge


Qualify by the 10th...and receive 2 foldable neck forms!

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STAR Team Goal this month!

Last month, we didn't fulfill the requirements for a star team, so I wasn't able to give away the items from Henri Bendel... but this is OUR month!! So, here is the incentive if we hit star team in April! I realize a lot of you are trying to build your display, so this month the incentives are display items, and items to help launch your business! (Approx $12,000 in retail sales, and don't be scared, we have done this many times together but this is a TEAM sport!) I will post our progress on our Golden Glinda's Team Page - so keep watch!!

Qualify = 1 Foldable Neckform

Sponsor 1 person = pick 1 item

$1000 in sales = pick 2 items

$2000 in sales = pick 3 items


  • Cathy Powell $844*
  • Jeneria Burgardt $811.50*
  • Christina Heptig $562*
  • Cherina Ostmeyer $501*
  • Lyndsey Phillips $350
  • Marie Tate $209.50
  • Crystal Bain $206
  • Mandy Cundy $196
  • Denise Walton $132
  • Casey Wettstein $29

*Earned the 3 month Consistency Bonus of $100 in Product Credit!

Important Dates

Spring Rally 4/8 @ 6pm - Newport Grill/Bradley Fair

Summer Collection Launch 4/8

Early Bird Hoopla Registration Extended to 5/5!

Golden Glindas ~ Team Cathy

Hoopla..anyone?? I hope that more of you can make this life changing event. Early Bird registration was extended! Have questions about it, text, call, or email me and we can chat!

See you on Monday! We will have ALL the BAGS and many of the jewelry items there to view! And for my team there will be Mini Look Books, and I will be giving away a swatch book of the handbag fabrics!

xoxoxo ~ Cathy