Curran Events

These kids are working hard!

What a week!

It is the start of another wonderful and HOT week! We are doing all we can to keep your kids cool!

As many of you know, I was gone last Thursday and Friday at a conference in San Jose. During my two days there, I learned a plethora of language building strategies that I will be incorporating into my instruction this year.

Math & Writing

This week in math we are working further on strategies for addition and subtraction. We are scheduled to take a unit test in less than two weeks.

In writer’s workshop we are focusing on writing as many stories as we can. This week we will work on the strategy of show not tell and students will begin the process of selecting a piece (story) to revise and develop.

Social Studies

We began our integrated unit on San Luis Obispo County’s landforms. We will continue to study these next week and students will soon become experts on explaining how we use many of these landforms as resources.

Baywood Carnival

Friday, Oct. 9th, 4-7pm

1330 9th Street

Baywood-Los Osos, CA

Our school’s fall carnival will soon be upon us. Our third grade classes will be putting together “baskets” for the silent auction at the carnival. Our basket theme is “Italian Food and Beverages.” We’re asking our parents to contribute to our baskets between now and when the carnival happens on October 9th.

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