Washington, DC

Washington was really fun and I learned so much from it. We visited plenty of memorials and each was very different. We also went to a few museums and I learned so much about what each museum was about. We even went to the Embassy of Denmark, the National Cathedral, and the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. We tried to do as many things as we could each day and there was so much to do we even had to skip some of it.
One of my favorite places that we visited was the National Cathedral. I loved it because it was the most beautiful building I ever saw. The stain glass windows were so pretty and the architecture was really detailed. Another cool place we went to was the Air and Space Museum and the Natural History Museum. They were really fun because they had so many things to look at. We also went to the Arlington National Cemetery. There were so many people buried here and even President John F. Kennedy was buried there.
The memorials in Washington DC were also really cool. One of my favorite memorials that we saw was the Martin Luther King Jr. memorial. It was a very pretty memorial because it has theses giant rocks and on one of them is a large carving of Martin Luther King Jr. hold the "I have a dream" speech. Another memorial that I liked was the 9-11 memorial. This memorial was for all the people who died in 9-11 and the youngest one who died was 3 years old. A really cool memorial that we saw was the World War II memorial. I liked it because of the huge fountains in the center of the memorial and the columns for all the states. Washington DC was so fun and I learned so much from all of the places we visited on the trip.