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Thelma Flint

I would like to welcome all of the families to our kindergarten class' digital newsletter. I am excited to begin this new school year with your students. I continue to teach at the kindergarten level because I find that at this age children are eager for knowledge and I enjoy molding that energy and helping to create students who are passionate about learning. I look forward to helping your child learn to love learning. This is going to be an amazing year I am so happy that you will be apart of it.

Birthday Bulletin

September Birthdays

  • David Elizondo
  • Tiffany Franklin

Reminder: If you plan to bring snacks or goodies for your student's birthday we have a designated time on Fridays for class social events. You must schedule with me at least a week in advance so that we can prepare our learning time around special events. Snacks must be from the approved list provided by the school and rations must be enough for every student in the class. our current rooster is 17 in the class.

Thank You,

Ms. Flint

Class Field Trip

Tuesday, Sep. 8th, 9am-1pm

6200 Hermann Park Drive

Houston, TX

We would love to have our family members join us on our upcoming zoo adventure. Field trip shirts are still available in both adult and children sizes for $8 each. Remember to pack your child a sack lunch and include an extra bottled water that day. The weather looks like clear skies so we encourage each child to have sun protection in the form of sunscreen, hats, and or sunglasses.We looking forward to sharing this exciting learning experience with your student.

Online math activites for home use.

Attention Parents,

Our first kindergarten classes are using a new online Math resource with activities and

assignments that can be completed at home. We would like for each student to get at least 20 minutes of grade level activities 3 times a week. This interactive website is easy to navigate and supplies numerous activities that are appealing and interactive for children. Each lesson provides problem explanations and instructional videos if needed. Each game provides an interactive story that guides them through the different activities and levels. Parents will also be able to track their child’s progress through email reports. Our class has be introduced to this website in class and it has been well received. If you have any questions about this assignment please contact me. Students’ user name, passwords, and brief instructions have been sent home in today’s communication folder.

Arcademic Skill Builders



Thelma Flint

Community of Learners

I would like to extend the invitation for each family member to join us this year as we as a class will participate in various group and community projects. I will be updating this section of the newsletter frequently with updates of our future projects. These will be outside of school projects that are designed to enhance your child's academic learning and create a community of learners.