The start of Christianity


Christianity started in 6 B.C. Jesus life is in the New Testament it tells about his life and how he started Christianity. People believe Jesus rose from the dead after he died. In the New Testament there are different traces that say Jesus was a carpenter when he was young. It is said that he started his ministry at age 30.

Jesus Life

Jesus lived in a town called Nazereth when Jesus started many people were looking for the ultimate Messiah and many Jews were looking for a priest or even a king. Gospels say how God's life is being manifested by Jesus life and death. Jesus had a huge impact on people and different things around him.

Teachings of Jesus

Jesus usually taught people in small groups or in large gatherings his lessons were reported in friendly conversations or those who challenged him. On Sunday morning now known as Easter people believe Jesus rose from the dead and met his disciples.

Jesus now and then

Christianity is still huge lots of people still believe in Jesus and back then not everyone did it is the same today some people do some people don't. It is a big thing and lots of people go to church and worship Jesus. Other people don't because they might not believe.

What Jesus did

Jesus has a lot of mortality and he is kind and has a lot of goodness. The bible called The New Testament is all about Jesus and his life and how he started Christianity he was and is liked by many people. Easter is about Jesus because that is the day people believe he rose from the dead.
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Jesus Impact

Jesus has an impact on things around him and gospels speak about people following Jesus. He has a resurrection which is on Easter and some people believe he died from something spiritual or physical death. Another thing about resurrection is it is said that it brings eternal life to Christians.

Facts about Jesus

  • Jesus was born in a manger
  • Jesus was a wise teacher and a healer in Judea
  • Jesus was born in Bethlehem
  • Jesus was a only child
  • Jesus had 12 disciples
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