Not only is Wayi Wayi a Visual art Studio and Gallery but it is also a home for Agnes and Lawrence Yombwe, who are both artists and trained art teachers. It was registered in 2004 as an Art and Crafts business but started operating in 2007.

They produce paintings, prints, sculptures, cow horn deco, tie dye and jewelry. Their gallery mostly features works of the two artists but it is open to other artists as well.

Workshops for all ages in art and crafts are offered at the studio.

'The Mbusa house` found in the outside studio features wall paintings, pottery and floor sculptures which are used as teaching aids for marriage, as practiced by the Bemba people. It is from this tradition that most of the symbols and colors used in our works are borrowed. Couple counseling is sometimes done in this room. It is an amazing feature for all visitors/tourists who come to our studio.

We will be showcasing Taboo series paintings, seedpod sculptures, cow horn products and Wayi Wayi jewelry range. Most of our products are made from recycled, man-made and natural materials as in the case of the seed pods and the cow horns. Some of the taboo series are made from mixed media.

Taboo series are inspired from what used to and is still happening in the world today.

Cow horns are worked on such that they can be home or office deco and also cut into beautiful pieces of earrings and bracelets with designs inspired from the rich Zambian Culture and traditions.

The flamboyant/flame tree seed pod has come alive as room dividers, curtains, wall sculptures and figures of women which can be used as wall deco.