The Changing Roles of Women

By: Jenni

Changing roles for women

in the 1800's, married women were expected to stay at home and work for their families. Middle and upper class women gave time to charity work and to the church. women who were not married remained working outside the house. before electricity, running water and indoor plumbing, women spent hours making food, raising children, making clothing and doing the laundry.

Elizabeth Cady: How she changed womens rights

Elizabeth Cady was a women's rights activist from 1815-1902. Several women including herself, held the famous Seneca convention on July 1848. At this convention, the attendees made up its "Declaration of Sentiments" and took the lead in requesting that women get the right to vote. she continued to write and perform lectures of women's rights of that day.

What the diagram means

In these diagrams it shows how womens rights in different things, have increased in peoples opinions. For example, one statement says, "it is much better for everyone involved if the man is the achiever out side the home, while the women would stay home and take care of the house and family", and in the diagram most people disagree more and more through out the years.

Fun Facts

- in the early 1800's women did not have custody of their children. according to state laws the children "belonged" to the husband.

- in the 1800's girls would go to school until grade 5, then they were taken out to help with the house and farm duties.

- in the 1800's, wife beating was extremely common and would only be noticed it it was extremely brutal or risked death