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5 Great Learning Strategies

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SPOTLIGHT ON STRATEGIES from Discovery Education

Creative, research-based instructional strategies, presented by teachers for teachers. These simple instructional strategies incorporate digital media in meaningful, effective, and practical ways. Consider using one or more of these strategies this week! Click HERE to see all the strategies at DE.

SOS Feature - Summarizing

6 Word Story

By writing a summary with a limited number of words, students must focus on the important ideas and become thoughtful in their word choice. The purpose of this strategy is for students to discern the most important ideas and summarize information for any topic by studying an image, video, or article. Click HERE to get the full 6 Word Story instructions.

6 Word Story Video


Making personal connections is a great way for students to remember key topics and concepts. Click HERE to get the full Connect The Dots instructions.

Connect The Dots Video

Strategy 2


This strategy is a great way to engage students in the content by using a form of communication that makes up an integral part of their day. This strategy will also encourage students to think and respond on a higher level. Click HERE to get the full Table Top Texting instructions.

Table Top Texting Video

Strategy 3


This strategy is a great way to identify important academic language in any unit of study and develop vocabulary skills. Click HERE to get the full Vocabulary Scavenger Hunt instructions.

Vocabulary Scavenger Hunt Video


Hearing a few notes of sound can transport us back in time to an important moment or take us to faraway places that we find comforting. Think about how much we rely on sound. It confirms a connection when dialing or texting on cell phones and alerts us to emergencies.

Essentially, sound is an under-utilized tool/resource. By taking away the sense of sight for a moment and asking students to focus on the sounds themselves, we allow students to use their creative imaginations to visualize situations and travel back in time and all across the globe. Click HERE for the full Surround Sound instructions.

Surround Sound Video

Strategy 5

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