Ms. Bedore's Class

3rd grade

Moving on up to Third Grade!

Welcome Back to School!

I am so excited to have your child in my third grade class! We will be learning so much this year.

In Reading we will be working on Comprehension. A great way you can help at home is by asking questions after your child has read a story for homework. If you need any questioning ideas, please write me a note and I will send something home ASAP.

In Math we will be learning many new things from bigger numbers, adding and subtracting, multiplication and division, and yes even Fractions!! If you would like a list of all the objectives we cover in class, again just email me or write me a note and I will get that to you! (my email is at the bottom of this page!)

In Spelling, I will be challenging your students to spell words correctly, not only on Spelling Tests, but in their everyday writing. I will be expecting your child to write complete rough drafts and final copies of published work. I am excited to show off their work on our bulletin board outside our classroom. Come by and see it if you can!! So make sure your child is doing their spelling homework every Monday-Thursday, it will pay off in the long-run!

Science is always fun! I hope your child likes Science. We will be working with matter and the states of matter. We will be working with Energy and finding out what makes things go. And my favorite to teach is the Sun, Moon, and our great big Solar System. So be prepared to have some late nights in the fall and looking for the moon in the sky! Be prepared to chart it and notice the moon phases.

In Social Studies we talk/learn about leaders and how that applies to our lives. Our community and how we play a big role in community decisions and what makes a community? Map Skills are fun to learn too! Have you ever given the map to your child on a trip and asked them to show and tell you what city is coming next? Have you used a google map to show you how to get somewhere? I challenge you to turn down the volume and let your child read the names of the streets and tell you where to turn next. Can they do it? If that doesn't work, go ahead and print out the directions to a place your going and have your child read where they are going next. At least they are helping you in the car!! And they will have fun too!

And Technology!!! Our theme for JJE this year is 'Power On'

Wow, our focus really has changed from textbooks to online learning.

DON'T WORRY, OUR THIRD GRADERS STILL HAVE BOOKS! We need them, well at least for now we do. They have to be able to read, write, and answer questions, but technology has changed how we do things. Now we are asking our kids to create a masterpiece using an app, and we are displaying them or sharing them through email or Twitter. We are having conversations via Skype or Twitter with other schools in our district as well as across the Nation. We are using the computers to search for information and create projects using information learned. And it doesn't stop there. Technology is all around us. We have to teach the kids to use the apps because they are 21rst century learners. I mean, have you been to Chili's yet? Even to pay the bill, you have to know how to read and push buttons!!

Well, I hope that has given you a great overview of our class. And now I hope I can post this correctly to my website page.....yes, I am still learning these apps and new technologies as well. Have a great day!

It will be a great year!

About Ms. Bedore

Last year was my 15th year to teach at Joy James Elementary. But I have not always taught third grade. I have taught all grade levels from PK-3 at Joy James Elementary.

I am a UNT graduate. "Go Eagles" Hey, everyone has their favorite, but I always knew I was I was going to go to UNT and become a teacher. There was never a doubt in my mind.

I have one daughter, she is very active in high school sports, mainly cross-country and track. Ok, she's a runner. We both love to travel. It is my goal to travel to all 50 states in the USA. Every summer we try to go somewhere different and get posters. I have them displayed in my classroom as well. I have been on a mission trip to Guatemala with Manna Worldwide! We were able to help feed the children, help in an after-school program, and give shoes from Manna. I have a photo book in my classroom of the trip. And my daughter and I love to horseback ride. We have been horseback riding in Palo Duro Canyon, Texas, Colorado Springs, and Garden of the Gods, South Dakota. I have pictures in my classroom to prove it. In fact, I want to encourage you to send a 4x6 picture of you and your family doing something fun together and we will display it in our classroom all year. One picture only. I will provide the frames, unless you have a frame you want to send it in.

Ok and last, I collect bears, love Dr. Pepper, and Butterfinger and Reese's Peanut Butter Cups are my Favorite. Ok, not sure why I added that, but not sure how many are going to read this far down the page either!! Plus it's about Me, and I can do that.

I am very excited for a successful school year. ***Dr.Pepper and Reese's***

Power On (Our Theme for Joy James Elementary)

In my classroom, I want your students to be:

*a problem-solver

*tech sufficient within the educational realm

*knowledge seekers




*able to adapt without problems

*an independent thinker



*open minded




*learning from mistakes



I can not do this alone though, to be able to teach what I need to in the classroom, I will need the support from Parents and Family Members. I am looking forward to working with you this year to accomplish many goals together.