Deadly Shark Attack

Christine Armstrong Killed in Australlia

April 3rd 2014

As Christine Armstrong swam with a group of friends on a popular Australian east coast beach she went missing that day. Rob Armstrong her husband said that he saw a three to four meter shark nearby. Christine Armstrong had been swimming for 14 years and training at the Tathra Beach.
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Fatal shark Attack

63 year old Christine Armstrong, was taken by a bronze whaler shark as she was swimming from the wharf to the popular beach of Tathra village, 210 miles south of Sydney, with a group of swimmers. Local police have deployed helicopters and a boat to search for her remains the associated press reports. This is the first recorded shark in the holiday toward of Tathra. Rob Armstrong her husband and friends were part of a swimming group that met regularly at Tathra beach. Rob says that he didn't see the shark attack his wife. Police say that searchers discovered human remains, a swim cap and goggles near the shore. A man on the beach he witnessed the shark attacking something in the water, and after a brief period of thrashing, the ocean went still.
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Grap of Water Dephths at Locations

Timeline of the shark zones

This is a timeline of fatal shark zones.
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