Rountree Report

January 7, 2016

First week back--you made it!

Talent show feedback is needed. A few ideas about our Talent show have been proposed and I would like to seek your input. Do you want to proceed with tryouts as we have been or would you prefer to have students try out in your classrooms and submit the names of chosen performers to the talent show coordinators? One thought was to host the talent show during lunch instead of having a separate assembly. Any thoughts?


  • Grade level book order -- I still need your grade level lists of books you would like for PTA to purchase for you. It would be terrific if I could have all lists by Friday so we can move forward with placing our order.
  • Don't forget to use the Friday Feedback form in Google. I appreciate those of you that are using this form. It helps me to be aware of issues and to provide the support you need.
  • Please take a moment to complete the leadership survey emailed to you.
  • Don't forget to recognize your colleagues by clicking on the button at the bottom of the page. It has been so wonderful reading these. What an awesome, supportive team we have at Rountree!
The Science of Resilience

Great article on what makes the difference for some of our kiddos. Hint--Relationships!

Monday, January 11

Nothing yet

Tuesday, January 12

Rhythm of Rountree choir concert 6:30 at University Heights Baptist

Wednesday, January 13

I will be out most of the day at principal's meeting.

Thursday, January 14

Staff device deployment 4-5 in the library

Friday, January 15

Choir/Reading Challenge assembly 9:30ish

List of resources

Here is a list of resources that I hope you can find useful!

Unite for Literacy provides digital access to picture books, narrated in immigrant and indigenous languages. They are for everyone.

Myon App: Reads books aloud to students, can assign books, can share folders of genre or topic. Can pull small group books, subscription required.

Zing! : free, but not a huge selection of audio books. Can highlight, sticky note to capture thinking.

Front Row: Gives non-fiction articles in a variety of reading levels on different topics. Can assign reading. Tons of stuff on math.

Epic! : free subscription, online library. Great choice of high quality literature, not as many informational texts.

Word Work Apps: ABCya!, Starfall, FunBrain

Cimo Spelling: for emergent readers

Chicktionary: Gives a variety of letters and students make all the words they can. For higher level students

Word Ball: from the electric company, great videos on vocabulary words

Reader’s WS Ideas:

Author’s Studies: Use QR codes for author studies, used the real book, but also the digital copy. Students created QR codes and found resources.

Mentor texts: used google docs to share info

Book recommendations: aurasna app: took a pic of cover of the book, links to video of student giving a book recommendations. Students can scan the cover, then put on youtube video/class video of book recommendations. Quick and easy, can make hallway work interactive, cool idea!!!

Response to literature:

Edmodo: for higher grades- Set up by reading groups. Kids pose questions about their books they are reading in groups. Teacher can pose questions and facilitate discussions.

Writer’s WS:

Sock Puppets: animated story creator

Zimmerman Twins: create animated cartoon movies with their stories

Haiku Deck: like a power point with pictures.

Popplet: kids put in pics they’ve taken, can create webs, can research, and publish their research.

Scribble Press: like an interactive whiteboard

Educreations: like an interactive whiteboard

Story Bird: online book creator-parents can buy the created book. Students can do voice overs

Teachers Resources:

Notability app: DRA’s (running record form), student portfolios, have to pay, syncs to google drive, can keep everything in one folder, can keep a folder for each student, can voice record.

Plan can put sub-plans in from home. Great collaborative tool for working with other teachers. Paid subscription $12.99 for whole year. Can do by grade level to share cost.

Employee Recognition

Take some time to nominate a colleague this week. You are doing outstanding things! Let's recognize each other!