30 Days to Healthy Living & Beyond!

Arbonne's clean eating challenge.



I'm so excited to share this program with you! Learning how to make better choices in what I eat has been a huge game-changer in how I feel on a day to day basis, and has been particularly helpful in keeping my blood sugars down! (I'm a Type 1 Diabetic.)

Whatever your goal is; weight loss, lowering your blood sugar, clean eating, feeling better and more energized, or simply adding some nutritious recipes to your arsenal, I know you will see results because I have!

I will be your personal coach if you have questions along the way. This amazing program is 28 ​days and we all stay motivated and held accountable through a Facebook group with daily knowledge of what to eat and why to make our bodies their most efficient and most clean (let's get rid of that toxic weight we hold on to). It consists of clean eating comprised of Arbonne’s 30 days to Healthy Living & Beyond program, weekly meal plans & yummy recipes. This program teaches you how to change your habits in four weeks. We will also provide suggestions on what to do after the Bootcamp! What I love about it is that it's simple and ANYBODY can do it!! You'll undoubtedly lose some pounds and inches, kick some cravings (like sugar, caffeine, or even white carbs) but most important you'll have tons of energy and love the way you feel.


• Well, it’s NOT a fad diet.

• It’s NOT a rapid weight loss program. A common ideology is: “If I lose weight, I will get healthy.” But the reality is that when you get healthy you will lose the weight.” You cannot out​-exercise a bad diet.

• This is a way of life! . It doesn't even have to be about losing weight if that is not your issue. It’s about getting healthy!

• The detox program will reveal foods that are not serving you; foods that are sabotaging your health. It will reprogram your body to remove toxins, reset your metabolism, and reduce your food cravings – all while renewing your skin. You will be glowing from the inside/out!


1) Decide to participate

2) Order your Arbonne Essentials products! Contact me at 720-431-5615 or me@beckyeaston.com and let me tell you how to get these great products at a 40% discount with a FREE Preferred Client registration for 1 year!

After this I'll add you to the next group's private Facebook group, and you'll be set to go!

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I fluctuated from 215Lbs to 208Lbs for three months (Oct to Dec) while doing P90X and could not lose any more weight and was fed up with the chalk protein drink I was using.. I met Amanda in Dec. introduced to Arbonne Protein Shake same month, and started the 30 day to feeling fit program in Jan. Finished it Jan 30th, 26 Pounds lighter, I am now at 175 (May 5th (for a total loss of 40 Pounds). Cholesterol was off the charts (over 400 in Oct, (doctor had put me on statins; Lipitor, but I quit taking it when I started the 30 day program, made all my joints hurt. Last check when I finished the program in Jan was 140 (I have the LDL, HDL and whatever the other reading is at work on my desk as a reminder and motivation tool). – RJ Moyer

THANK YOU ARBONNE!!!! It is because of the wonderful people in this company and their great products that I have finally reached my weight loss goal!! 60LBS GONE!!!! I really can't believe I was carrying that extra weight around. I feel fantastic and have more energy than ever! I sure feels good!! :0) – JoJo deBeaubien

After hitting a plateau for YEARS with my weight, I finally decided to try to lose those last 10 pounds of post-baby fat (my youngest is 4 1/2). Well, thanks to some nutritional changes (herbal metabolism boost tablets, vegan protein shakes, and being choosy about what goes in my mouth) and doing Zumba at least twice per week, this morning I'm officially down 14 pounds since I started that "try" a few months ago. Whoop whoop! Try is a powerful thing. If you don't try, you don't get and you'll never know if you could have. – Tanja Cole

I lost 58 lbs in a year!!! Start a better healthier you today!!! – Gena Fryar