Junkins Express

Week of April 11th

All that and a Bag of Chips!

Ms. Woodley and Nurse Miller for doing a great job for PK Registration.
Mr. Saucedo and Ms. Ellis for attending and hosting a booth at the Dual Language Fair!
Ms. Cessnun and her class for representing superheroes so well!

Campus Visitors on Tuesday

We will be having a principal calibration walk on Tuesday. I understand it is a hectic time. Don't freak. I will contact those of you who may have visitors. We will not go to all classrooms.


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Updated with pics from the Easter Egg Hunt at Madison and some other stuff. Remember, you can add stuff to this board as well!

Upcoming Testing

Please see email and attachment sent by Ms. Florin for updated schedules on specials/lunch to see how your grade level is impacted.

Preparing our Students for the 21st Century

Interpreting Body Language

People can communicate messages to each other without using a single word. In fact, people are almost always doing this without realizing it. Even when they are talking, their bodies are “saying” things too.

Body language is the unspoken communication that goes on in every encounter with another human being. It gives you clues to someone’s true feelings toward you and to how well your words are being received. Experts say that 93% of what you are communicating comes from your body language, and only 7% from your words.

Idea for Activity: Have students get a partner – remind them no using words

Partner One: strike a pose with their body language and facial expressions to communicate feelings

Partner Two: guess what they are acting out.


For the younger grades, you can give them what to act out (i.e. seeing their favorite toy, being afraid in a thunderstorm, finding the golden easter egg, etc.)

For the older grades, they can come up with their own to act out

Reading PJ Party

Our LAST school-wide family night is fast approaching. Our “Reading Under the Stars” is being replaced with an indoor “Reading PJ Party”. Students will be invited to wear their PJs and bring a stuffed “guest”. Each grade level will host a “party” (your activity). It will be on the 21st . It will be from 5:30-7:30. Like our STEM Spooktakular night in the fall, each grade level will come up an interactive reading/literacy activity to support the theme.

Choose a genre/theme (i.e. “Spooky”, Mystery, SciFi, Action, Fairytales, Sports, How To (Crafts/Cooking), Humor…) and use it to springboard your idea. Some ideas might include: Book Making, Reading Game, Technology- interactive reading (COW or iPad cart in library), Bookmark making, Creating Puppets and storytelling, Reading a Procedure to create, etc.).

Grade level chairs have received a link in Google Docs to record your idea. We want to spread out the genre and activities- so get yours while they last!

Book Fair Shoppping Spree

Teachers would you like a $100 worth of book fair bucks to shop at the book fair! We are having a door decorating contest to get ready for our PJ party. The teacher with the best door will receive a $100 in book fair bucks!

Grade level decorating contest! The best decorated hallway will win $20 for each teacher in that hallway.

Both door and hallway will be judged on April 21st! Winner will be announced the next morning! Get creative and have fun!

Kindergarten Round Up

Junkins will have New Kindergarten REGISTRATION on April 16th from 8:30 am to 12:30 pm

A couple of families have requested a tour on Friday, April 8th at 9:00 am. We will tour the school and visit the Kinder hallway. Thank you in advance for your patience!


Our campus submitted several nominees for 2015-16 Volunteer Impact Awards and Outstanding Partners of the Year and two of our nominations were selected as finalists!

They received over 170 nominations and it is always difficult to narrow down this tremendous pool of deserving volunteers and partners to the top finalists.

Finalists for Junkins for the 2016-2017 School Year are:

Starrina Davila for Volunteer Impact

Behringer for Business Partners

They will be honored at an evening reception on April 21st. We are so proud of our nominees!

Implementation of Student Experience Survey

The Student Perception Survey will be administered to district students in grades 3-12 during the week of April 11-15. The Administration of this survey is important because the results of the survey will be used to improve and evaluate teacher effectiveness.

Key Dates

April 11
  • School begins administering student surveys

April 15

  • Last day for students to administer surveys

April 15 - 18

  • Campus Test Coordinators packs, schedules for pickup and ships surveys back to Panorama

Mid to Late May

  • Reports Available

Upcoming Events

April 9th: Dual Language Fair - Townview

April 11th: No School

April 12th: Student Survey

April 13 & 14th: Terra Nova

April 16th: Kindergarten Round up 8:30 to 12:30

April 18th: PD/Job Alike

April 21st: Reading Pajama Party (more info coming soon)

April 25th: PD

May 5th: STAAR Peprally

Morning Duty

Gym: Poveda, Bear, Rodriguez

Auditorium: Saucedo, Campuzano, Jones
Cafeteria: Martinez/Ricoy
*TAs are in their permanent assignment (Please see schedule)

Morning Announcements

KD Respect
Character word of the week is Fairness. Please send your 3-4 students with a sentence using the word fairness. Please see announcement script on Google.

Jerry Junkins Elementary


Jerry Junkins seeks to be a premier elementary school by creating global citizens through setting and achieving high expectations for students.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide a supportive culture for the twenty-first century learner to reach their academic destination and become productive citizens of the world.