The Taste of Hobart University!

Early College and Career Opportunities!

Welcome To The Taste of HU!

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What is the Taste of HU?

It is a course fair in which students will be able to visit stations representing courses that we offer as a part of Hobart University (remember, this includes technical training!).

Hobart University consists of 5 schools of education with many pathways. Check out each pathway, or “school,” below and the dual credit/early college courses that are offered in each school. (Keep in mind, early college includes training and certificates that can provide students with the opportunity to work in that field immediately after high school!)

Visit the SCOH Website: for college and career readiness information any time, any place.

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HU does NOT just mean college.

Think of it as Hobart University and Technical Training instead. HU is for EVERYONE and has a buffet of choices.

Does a student want to enter the work force immediately after graduation?

No problem.

Does a student want to enter an apprenticeship with a local union after graduation?

We have that too.

Welding? Automotive?

We have that through our partnership with Porter County Career Center!

Does a student plan on attending a university?

Then get the first year free at HU! (English, Speech, History, Psychology, etc.— all dual credit and accepted at public state universities.) In other words, do the pre-requisites at HU for FREE. Do it now for free, or pay later!

Not sure about any of this?

Try it HERE for FREE!

We would rather a student find out he/she doesn’t like the medical field now, when it is free to try, as opposed to later, when it costs money!

HU is a buffet of opportunities.

If a student struggles in school, are there opportunities?

Absolutely. Once students find what they like and are able to spend a good part of their day doing that, they THRIVE.

We are here to partner with students and parents to find a student's passion.

Are you a student who likes hands-on?
Got it.

It’s all here.

If a student excels in school, are there opportunities?

Absolutely. Get a year of college free by taking dual credit.

Get a head start in engineering programs, competitions, opportunities.


The world is at a student's fingertips, and it is all right here at HHS.

We are PROUD OF THIS. We want our students to do what they love!

We want PARENTS to be proud of what is offered at this beautiful high school and university.

We want STUDENTS to be proud of what he/she accomplishes at HHS and what it leads to in his/her future.

And we want EVERYONE to have all of the information about HU at HHS so that we can help students and parents make scheduling decisions.

When is scheduling?

NOW! (Students can still make changes to their schedules for a few weeks, so now is the time to talk about all of these great opportunities. We are talking to them too!)

The 5 Schools of Education and Pathways of HU!

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School of Engineering and Industrial Technology

Early College/Dual Credit Courses:

Mechanical Drafting and Design 1 (formerly titled CAD)

Mechanical Drafting and Design 2

PLTW: Intro to Engineering Design

PLTW: Civil Engineering and Architecture

PLTW: Computer Integrated Manufacturing

PLTW: Principles of Engineering

PLTW: Digital Electronics

Ivy Tech Dual Credit Courses (off campus):

Energy Technology

AART (Advanced Automation and Robotics Technology)

School of Health and Natural Sciences

Early College/Dual Credit Courses:

Honors Anatomy and Physiology

Health Science Education l (Essential A&P)

Medical Terminology

PLTW: Principles of Biomedical Science (PBS)

PLTW: Human Body Systems (HBS)

PLTW: Medical Interventions (MI)

PLTW: Biomedical Innovation (BI)

PLTW: Environmental Sustainability (new course for 2019-2020)

Ivy Tech Dual Credit (off campus)

Medical Assistant

CNA (Pre-Nursing)

Pharmacy Technician

Dementia Care

School of Business Services and Informational Technology

Early College/Dual Credit Courses:

Administrative and Office Management

Business Law and Ethics

Computer Science I

Computer Science II

Computer Science III: Informatics

Computer Illustration and Graphics

Digital Applications & Responsibility

Entrepreneurship and New Ventures

Graphic Design and Layout I

Digital Applications and Responsibility

Information Technology Support

Introduction to Accounting

Marking in Hospitality and Tourism

Networking I: Infrastructure

Personal Financial Responsibility

Principles of Business Management

Principles of Marketing

Strategic Marketing

Web Design

School of Human Services

Early College/Dual Credit Courses:

Criminal Justice I

Criminal Justice II

Early Childhood Education I

Early Childhood Education II

Emergency Medical Services

Education Professions I

Cosmetology I (@ Denmark College)

School of Communication and Fine Arts

Early College/Dual Credit Courses:

Advanced Speech and Communication

AP Studio Art (2-D or 3-D)


Music History Appreciation

Radio and Television I

Radio and Television II

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Ivy Tech Campus Opportunities

Opportunity #1: Medical Assistant

Did you know that your child can become a medical assistant BY THE END OF THE SUMMER AFTER HIS/HER SENIOR YEAR?

Check out the salaries below... your child can make $15.61/hour immediately after completing high school.
Think your child may be interested? Talk to him/her about this! We will have more info about for this for students during Wednesday’s Taste of HU event during the school day.

Great IMMEDIATE career opportunities upon graduation!
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Opportunity #2: CNA (Certified Nursing Assistant)

What is the difference between this and Opportunity #1?

A CNA would work more in the hospital setting, whereas a Medical Assistant would work more in a doctor’s office. A Medical Assistant will make a higher hourly wage.

While a CNA may initially make a slightly lower salary, this certification is stackable, meaning the courses would count toward an associate’s or bachelor’s degree later if the student chooses to pursue that.

Of course, any certification can lead a student to a path of more credentials if he/she chooses to do so. Once a student expresses interest in any of these fields and programs, the counselor and Ivy Tech coach can tailor the plan to meet individual student’s needs and interests.

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Opportunity #3: Pharmacy Technician

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Opportunity #4: Energy Program

Did you know that your child can begin Ivy Tech’s Energy Program as a 10th grader and be guaranteed an interview with NIPSCO upon graduation?

Check out the next post for the SALARY INFO... this is an amazing opportunity and all your child has to do is SIGN UP!

We will be sharing more info about this program with your kids during the Taste of HU, which is during the school day on Wednesday.
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Wait for it...

“What happens when my child completes the Energy Program at Ivy Tech through HHS?”

WAIT FOR IT........



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Earn one year of college credits for free!

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More Oppportunities at PCCTE!

Porter County Career and Technical Education Center Opportunities

Auto Services Technology I and II (off site)

Networking Fundamentals (at HHS)

Computer Aided Design and Animation I and II (off site)

Computer Tech Support (off site)

Construction Trades I and II (off site)

Cosmetology (off site)

Criminal Justice I and 2 (at HHS)

Culinary Arts (off site)

Dental Health (off site)

Diesel Technology (off site)

Early Childhood Education Careers Program (at HHS)

Electronics and Computer Technology (off site)

Emergency Rescue Technology Academy (at HHS)

Entrepreneurship/Sports and Entertainment Marketing (off site)

Fire and Rescue (off site)

Fundamentals of Sports Medicine (at HHS)

Graphic Imaging Technology (off site)

Health Careers—Health Science Education II and II (off site)

Horticulture Science and Landscape Management (off site)

Industrial Mechanics (off site)

Precision Machining (off site)

Video Production and Media Studies (off site)

Welding Technology (off site)

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