Poetry Anthology

By: Annika Westenksow


Annika Westenskow, 15, was born in Ogden, Utah. Her poems are mainly based around the fact that she has 3 sisters, one of which being an identical twin, and the many opportunities she had as a child to move across America.

Where I'm From

I am from gummy bears,

from Ben and Jerry's and Twinkies.

I am from the crazy,

humorous, loud, empathetic.

I am from the lakes,

the mountains, forever rising.

I am from chocolate fountains, and always right,

from Westenskow and Candilora.

I am from the energetic,

and caring

from Santa claus and the tooth fairy.

with scripture study

and seminary.

I'm from Ogden, Utah,

chocolate chip pancakes and brownies.

from the dad thats a terrible driver, the late night campfires.





I am from the loving

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Ode: My mirror

With your natural hair,

curlier than ramen noodles,

obnoxious, ridiculously loud laugh,

and teeth jewelry you had,

for two entire years!

Playing together on swing-sets,

trampolines, and scooters.

Riding down the streets,

racing like cheetahs on our bikes.

Dressing the same,

switching classes.

Trying to make up our own

"Secret Language",

but never understanding eachother.

Sharing a room

for eight entire years! felt like an eternity

violin camps together that felt like they would never end

late nights at the lake

that we never wanted to go to bed

look alike, clone, and mirror image

Sonnet: Dreaming

the wind slowly pulls through your hair

you laugh out loud with no worry

the sun grazes your face so fair

you never were really in a hurry

running hurriedly across the blue sea

the cool sand going through your feet

never realizing that it wasn't meant to be

the ocean ever slowly pulling you out deep

finding shells across the long bay

everyday wondering if you would stay

if you do just give me a clue

finally waking up and realizing

that this is all just a dream.

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Hyperbole/Allusion: Byron Nelson High School

The whining cries of students doing work

So many things to do with such little time

Shoving in homework like a traveler with a suitcase

Athletics, sometimes taken as the olympics

Along with a crazy amount of diverse students

Running across the campus hurriedly

Early mornings that never end

Sleepless nights of worry

Endless days of stress

It's not all just pain

Pep rallies, friends, make the days go by quick

Awesome teachers that help

Friends that are always there for you

Splash zones that make you cold seconds later

Games that make you watch at the edge of your seat

Support from all of your peers

Memories that will last

Reunions that will come before we all know it

Memories that will never fade

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Narrative: Paying Attention

Cool, chilly morning sun;

Rising as if it was coming towards me

Checking alarm, running late!

Again, as always

Rushing to get ready for school

Getting into the car and always realizing

that I forgot my phone

Racing back out to the car, when the

windshield washers accidentally are going off,

pitter patter

Trying not to speed, even while I'm busy trying to get my shoe on

Using my left foot to drive

Crazy amounts of traffic

Ding! as the light turns green

Left, Right, Left then I cross cautiously

Only when I cross, bang!

My car skids to a stop, spinning and spinning

Look up and see another car there wrecked next to me

Thank goodness she praises

Texting and driving is not okay

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Structure: Same

You've always been there

day after day, night after night

the times i've felt alone, afraid

sometimes yet confused, lost

you make me laugh, when I feel like crying

you help me up when I've fallen

you give me confidence

you give me happiness

being together, is the funniest time of day

laugh after laugh

and day after day

matching hair,




multiple people calling you the wrong name

People thinking you're the same person

often pulling pranks

in the end, always fun

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My overall intended affect that I wanted to have the reader realize is what it's like to have a twin that looks just like you. Making somewhat easier for other people that aren't a twin realize what its sort of like to be a freak of nature. In a more humorous, caring way.