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How to reserve the library, computer labs or tablets

All teachers can reserve a spot for classes in the library, computer labs or tablet cart online.

Begin by logging into your MEI Schools Office365 account:

Select the grid of squares – the App Launcher — in the top left corner of the screen and select the Calendar app.

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The Library Bookings Calendar is listed on the left under People's calendars.

Select the day you are interested in booking, and double click or click and select edit on save the date to open the event.

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If the calendar event window is too small to see the bookings grid, maximize your view.
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Once the event window opens, select Edit.
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Ignore all the info at the top of the event such as time, repeat, etc. — anything you change there will be changed for everyone else as this is a shared and “live” calendar -- and do not alter those fields.

Add your name to the bookings table in the notes section of the event. One class per area is permitted to save a spot each period.

The cart of Surface tablets can be picked up from the library, and returned to the library at the end of the period.

If you would like the library to be closed for an event, please contact the librarian before adding it to the bookings calendar.

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Once you are finished entering your bookings, or if you have decided to check another day, select Save at the top left of the window to save and close the event. If you want to choose another time, simply select a new date.

Tech Tip

Make the library calendar events easier to find by selecting a color or charm.
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