Copyright And Legal Use Laws

A Speech by: Ginelle Leslie

You Can Have Your Own Copyright!

  • Copyright is the right for any author or creator to prohibit their work until it goes into the public domain.
  • The Public Domain is where the author's work goes 70 years after their death. Once it is in the Public Domain it can not be taken out and it is free for anyone to use it.
  • There are some exceptions to Copyright. Like the Fair Use law. It states that Copyrighted material can be used for educational purposes but with limitations.
  • Student or teachers are only allowed to use a certain amount of content in each copyrighted draft
  • Some things that aren't covered by Copyrights are methods, ideas, procedures, processes, etc.
  • Copyright Infringement is anyone who exploits the authors work without giving getting their permission or giving credit.
  • Plagiarism is when someone uses the authors creation without giving them credit or getting permission. Its a lot like copyright infringement.
  • Copyright is created right when the author creates something.
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