The Citroen GT Concept

$2.1 Million (This is my dream car so anything goes right?)


  • An amazing exterior and interior design
  • Two-seats
  • Powered by 646 horsepower hydrogen fuel cell
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How will I pay for the car that I can only acquire in my dreams?

Theoretically speaking, if I were to acquire my dream job of a pharmacist and I make roughly $130,000 a year, it would take me over 20 years to pay this off. Since there are only 6 in the world it would probably be sold for well over 2.1 million dollars. So make that over thirty years of working. This car is completely impractical to purchase!

Here is a source about it!

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Citroen GT Start Up, Exhaust in London

On a More Serious Note.....

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Cost and Specs

Cost: Roughly $93,600


-Nice Leather Seats

-V6 Engine

-Fuel Tank Capacity of 21.1 Gallons

-470 Horse Power

-5 Passengers

-4 Door Sedan

-15 miles per gallon (City) 23 miles per gallon (Highway)

-Head air bags in the back and the front

-Side Air Bags

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How will I pay for this?

Similar to how I will calculated the Citroen GT I am going with my dream job of pharmacist which make an annual income of about $130,000. The loan payment would last for 6 years. That would be a monthly payment of about $1,422.13