February 1-5

What happened this week?

We had a very busy and exciting week! We celebrated Fat Tuesday by hosting our world famous Mardi Gras parade! We are so thankful to all the parents who helped us pull "floats" in the parade and to those who loaned us their "floats". It couldn't have happened without you! We also haleped decorate the wagons in the class and made Mardi Gras masks.

We also celebrated Valentine's Day. We decorated Valentine bags, we drew names and made a Valentine for our special secret Valentine, we played a kindness game and created the LOVE canvas as a gift to each of you. We finished off the week with a Valentine exchange party and had juice and cookies.

In addition to all this fun, we studied the letter P and enjoyed popcorn and Popsicles to commemorate the letter. We also completed our third set of work jobs.

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What's happening next week?

Next week we will begin talking about farms and the Rodeo. We will also be working on the letter Q.

Dates to remember.....

2/26 Dad's Hoedown Breakfast

3/2-3 Group Photos