Amazonian's war with Climate Change

By Rachel Madu

The Amazon's climate has been decreasing over the past few years, scientist believe that the world biggest forest will soon become dry and humid, due to the deforestation of the trees. Climate change is a long - term change in the the Earth's climate , especially a change due to an increase in the average atmospheric temperature. Climate change is viewed as a good natural process of the environment, but when it could potentially extinct animals and there ecosystem, it is a highly dangerous thing, so what could we do t save he Amazon?
The Amazon jungle is one of the most biggest forest in the world, but slowly as the years go by the Amazon and it's inhabitants are starting to slowly fade. Environmentalist are starting to become concerned with the loss of biodiversity in the Amazon. This will result in the destruction of the forest. They are also concerned with the release of Carbon dioxide in the forests atmosphere, which can lead to the acceleration in global - warming.
On a computer model, a scientist created the future climate change in the Amazon, caused by Greenhouse gas emissions shows that the Amazon rain forest could become unsustainable if it occurs that he rainfall has been severely reduced and temperatures have increased. This may lead to the loss of our Amazonian jungle in 2100 years.
Biodiversity is the variety of different living organisms found on Earth. Its is the measure of different types of organisms in each ecosystem, this can refer to genetic variation, ecosystem variation and species variation. Biodiversity is important to many living organisms in the rain forest, a variety of animals live in the Amazon and if the Amazon is destroyed by the deforestation and the climate change, the animals will no longer have an inhabitants to live in and they will become extinct due to the lack of their natural environments and natural cycle.
In conclusion, climate change can be a good natural process for some ecosystems, but when it can change the natural temperatures of the ecosystem it could become a potential hazard towards the organisms and their ecosystems. Climate change a affected many ecosystems and animals within it. It had become a massive environmental issue over the past few years, but how exactly are we to fix it?