Harriton Class of 2021

Dear Class of 2021 and Families

This document is designed to serve as our communication platform as well as our space to commemorate the Class of 2021. I want to thank all of the seniors and senior parents and guardians for partnering with us during this unprecedented school year.

Despite this atypical finale, I hope that you are extremely proud of your academic and personal growth over the last four years and confident that you are ready to take on whatever challenges that post-Harriton life will bring.

Thank you for your patience and understanding as we navigate these difficult and restricting times. While these senior activities and graduation may not be exactly what we envisioned prior to the pandemic, the Class of 2021 will be making history, and we will never forget the four years we were able to spend with you.


Scott Weinstein


**This page will continue to be updated so stop back and visit for pertinent information.**

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Completing the School Year

  • Seniors will not be expected to remain in their current classes beyond the date of the regularly scheduled end-of-quarter for seniors (May 7th). Teachers of senior students will have a culminating project or cumulative assessment to measure the learning outcomes in their courses. The due date can extend beyond the date of the end of the quarter; that decision is up to each teacher.
  • Students will complete their senior project with guidance from their senior project advisor as a culminating experience to the senior year.
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  • May 8th Senior Prom 7:00 - 11:00 pm at Harriton
  • May 21st Dr. Harriton 7:00 - 9:00 pm
  • May 26th Virtual Ram Recognition Night 7:00 pm video
  • June 4th Senior Picnic and Yearbook Distribution 11:00 - 1:00 pm at Harriton
  • June 4th Rites of Passage 6:00 - 8:00 pm at Harriton
  • June 9th Graduation 10:00 am** at the Harriton Stadium

* More details to come on each of these events

** The rain date may be that evening. The 2nd rain date would be Friday, June 11th.

The Harriton Senior Prom

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School attendance preceding the prom:

  • Students attending the Senior Prom are welcome to learn from home the week of May 3-6 to avoid contracting Covid-19 or being identified as a close contact of someone who has been diagnosed with Covid-19. If a student is designated as a close contact and will need to quarantine, they will not be permitted to attend the prom. If you plan to work virtually during the week of May 3-6, please complete the attendance form HERE so that we are aware you are working from home.


  • All attendees must take a COVID test on Friday, May 7, at Harriton High School between the hours of 8:00 am and 2:00 pm. Any student who is ill, tests positive for COVID-19, is subject to an isolation period, or is subject to quarantine as a close contact of someone diagnosed with COVID-19 will not be permitted to attend the prom. Students should avoid carpooling to testing to minimize the chances of being designated a close contact.
  • Please register HERE and complete the permission form included below with a parent signature even if you are 18 years old. If you have previously registered and have a personalized QR code, you do not need to register again. The completed form can be dropped off in the Athletic Office prior to May 7.

Dr. Harriton 2021

This year's Dr. Harriton is coming soon! Stay tuned for more information regarding ticket sales and how to live stream the show on Friday, May 21st at 7:00 pm. HERE is a link to the website where you can find more information about the show, and ways to get your livestream link (when that is made available)! We hope to see everyone there!

-The 2021 Dr. Harriton Team

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Ram Recognition Virtual Ceremony May 26th

On Wednesday, May 26th at 7:00 pm we will air our annual Ram Recognition Ceremony including athletics. In this ceremony, we will honor and recognize the many amazing accomplishments of our students. A special thank you to Mr. Hogan, Mr. Ferguson, Mrs. Flynn, and Mrs. Shannon for coordinating this event.
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Senior Picnic and Yearbook Distribution June 4th

On Friday, June 4th from 11:00 - 1:00 pm we will host a senior picnic at Harriton High School. At the picnic, we will also unveil and distribute yearbooks so seniors can sign each other's books and gather as a class.

Rites of Passage Ceremony

On Friday, June 4th, we will hold our annual Rites of Passage Ceremony. A special thank you to Nate Bantoe for his leadership of this program and the ceremony. A Rite of Passage is a ceremony of the passage which occurs when an individual leaves one group to enter another. It involves a significant change of status in society. During this ceremony, we celebrate that change in status for our seniors in the POWER program.
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Graduation Ceremony June 9th at 10:00 am

The graduation ceremony will be held at the Harriton High School stadium at 10:00 am on June 9th. Graduates will be given 4 tickets to invite guests. The decision to allow four guests was made by calculating the number of people we will be allowed to attend the event. The graduation will be live-streamed for others to view the event in real-time. We will hold a mandatory graduation practice on June 8th. More details will be shared as we get closer to the event.
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* HarritonCommits2021 on Instagram *

To learn of the Class of 2021 college commitments, click this link to view the Instagram page.

2021 Class Commits

Please click HERE if you would like to submit your name, photo, and post-high school plans.

2021 Class Picture

The picture that serves as the backdrop to this online information update is the members of the Harriton Class of 2021. The picture is also included below and will hang as a banner on the front of our building for all to see as we commemorate this class.
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A Message from the Student Council Officers

To the Class of 2021,

Congratulations! Throughout the last four years, we’ve all had an opportunity to grow alongside one another, and watch our class flourish. Despite the challenges we have been faced with, we finally came out on the other end as a group of resilient individuals. In a year like this, we have had a chance to appreciate a lot about ourselves and our school community. Our passion and determination shined through as we adapted to new circumstances, and were compelled to hold on to the things we love. Through various service, academic, performing arts, sports, and other extracurricular clubs, we have proven that despite setbacks and obstacles, we are still able to pursue the activities that matter to us.

On a separate note, thank you to all the teachers and staff members that helped us along the way! Over the course of our 4-year journey, they have taught us both invaluable academic and life lessons alike. The experiences they have allowed us to undergo will undoubtedly guide us in our future endeavors; we will truly miss them.

We are so excited to see where everyone goes in the coming years! Regardless of your plans or ambitions, we are confident everyone will excel in whichever path they so choose. As exciting as the future seems, don’t forget to slow down and enjoy the twilight of your adolescence.

All in all, it has been a pleasure to be a part of Harriton’s Class of 2021! Be proud of yourself. We’ve earned it. Thank you all for an amazing 4 years!

Best Wishes,

The 2020-21 Student Council Officers

Andy Wu, President

Audrey Sigler, Vice President

Jade Zhu, Secretary

Sophie Weinstein, Treasurer

Eli Feldman, Sergeant-at-Arms

Alumni Association

Seniors, please remember to set up your LM/H Alumni Association account. You can find the information on how to do that by clicking here. Registering with the Alumni Association will ensure that you will be kept in the loop for future reunions and important news about your alma mater and classmates.

Thank You