September 25th Weekly Newsletter

Second Grade

Weekly Happenings

We are so excited about our service project here at school! Our plan is to make dog toys and scarves to donate to our community. We will be making both items out of fleece. You can help by donating fleece in any color. Thank you to those of you who have already donated. :)


Mrs. Brown:
Monday: PE
Tuesday: Art

Wednesday: Music
Thursday: Leadership

Friday: PE

Mrs. Kiger:
Monday: Music

Tuesday: PE

Wednesday: Art
Thursday: Counselor

Friday: Music

Spelling Words

Phonics focus: ee

1. need

2. here

3. feet

4. keep

5. street

6. greets

7. said

8. been

9. live

10. some

Learning Targets


*I can read accurately and fluently to support comprehension within grade level text.

*I can describe key ideas and details in literary text.

We continued to work on summarizing. We have been using this strategy: someone (character) wanted, but (problem), so (how they solved the problem), then (the conclusion).

*I know and apply grade level phonics skills and word analysis skills in decoding words.

*I can use learned spelling patterns in daily writing.

Our spelling this week focused on long vowels.


*I can demonstrate the conventions of Standard English capitalization and punctuation.

* I can write a narrative.

We focused on zooming in on small moments and using descriptive words to describe a moment.


*I can read and write numbers to 1,000 using base ten numerals, number names and expanded form.

This week we worked on comparing numbers and explaining why a number is greater than or less than another number.

Social Studies:

*I can explain the importance of promoting the common good.


*I can be responsible and kind.

*I can follow directions the first time.

Dates to Remember

10/9: Early Release