Vietnam War

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What Is The Vietnam War

The Vietnam War is the period when the United States and members of the SEATO joined the forces with the Republic of South Vietnam to protect their people from the unfair government in North Vietnamese territories,the war was basically The U.S and South Vietnam Vs North Vietnam.

How long was the Vietnam War?

The Vietnam war was about 20 years for the U.S (1955-1975)

Top Vietnam War Soldiers


  1. U.S soldiers preferred Ak-47's than the new M16's because they said the training with the gun was bad.
  2. Australia & China where also part of The Vietnam War.
  3. Oldest man killed was 62 years old
  4. 5283 lost their limbs
  5. Of those killed 17,593 where married.

Why i chose event and how it affected Texas.

Its the most interesting for me

and because it has allot of facts.

Many Texans Where in this war &

A Texan Soldier trained and was the commander in chief


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