Pop Culture Freaks

teaching resources

1. Blog: popculturefreaks.tumblr.com.

Short essays, updates, images, links, and videos, all tagged with terms that are clearly related to the themes of the book.

2. Email List: Pop Culture Instructors.

The sign-up form can be found on the blog. I send weekly (at most) emails with resources for teaching with and about popular culture.

3. Prezi Slides: prezi.com/user/dustinkidd.

The slides are designed to accompany each chapter. You can copy them to your own account and edit them to suit your course.

4. Pinterest Boards: pinterest.com/popculturefreak.

Create your own presentations quickly and effectively using the images and videos from these boards. There is one for each chapter plus some additional boards on related themes.

5. Twitter Engagement: @PopCultureFreak

You and your students are encouraged to join the conversation on Twitter. My tweets all relate to the themes of the book and I enjoy taking questions and comments from students and their professors.

6. Email Support: dkidd@temple.edu

Assignments and exam questions to help your students engage the text and the topic--essays, exams, and assignments that involve the General Social Survey, content analysis, production analysis, audience studies, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr and other social media outlets.

Check the blog for the most up to date information about finding Pop Culture Freaks on various websites and apps.