By, Aleksandr Kolotyuk

Element Properties

Atomic mass-18.9984032

Atomic Radius in angstroms- .57

Density- .900

Melting Point- 53.53 k

Boiling Point- 85.03 k

At room tempature(22 degrees C) this element is a gas

Appearance-When a gas its pale yellow,When solid its Bright yellow.

Conductivity-its not a metal so none

Malleability-its a gas so none really

Hardness-0 its a gas

Chemical properties/Identifying information

Flammability-super flammable any type of exposed flame or even heat will ignite it.

Re-activity-does not react with any elements directly only with flame or heat.

Atomic number-9




Located on the top right area of the periodic table of elements

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History and Discovery

When?-It was discovered in 1886

Where?-in France

who?- Henri Moissan

why/how?-They knew it existed but could not keep it alive long enough to study it but finally isolated it from the air.

Applications and uses

When first discovered it was pretty useless because it was a gas and there wasn't anything it could be used for but then scientists created the fluorine isotope fluorine-19 and is used in fridges but a while ago was banned because of its damage to peoples health and the environment.

compounds-Sodium,Monofluorophosphate,sdium flouride,stanous,flouride is a mixture that is added to toothpaste to prevent teeth erosion.

Fun facts

-Name comes from Latin and french word for flow, fluere

-Really hard to isolate

-does not occur naturally

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