Wind energy

Wind energy is what we need because it doesn't pollute.

Wind turbines

Wind turbines help provide electricity, and they do not pollute the air it actually helps the air and if we start by using our renewable resources we are less likely to run out our nonrenewable resources . Wind turbines only cost 45,000 to65,000 for a 10wk wind turbine.

Eco powered airplane add on

The Eco powered airplane is a add on that can produce energy for other city's, the power is stored in a capsule that is like a battery that fills up with energy. The capsule is then transported to a local power station to be put in a compatible machine and uses the energy from the airplane. The energy is created when a tube called a pitot tube the tube has forced air going into the tube turning a shaft, when the shaft turns it goes to the power converter then to the generator, then the energy is put into the capsule when the airplane lands, the energy is removed out of the capsule and transported to Eco Power ground crews at the airport. The add on cost any were between 30,000 to50,000 dollars.

Arcadia, Autumn, Landon

Guaranteed to not pollute!!!

Our Plan!!

We are considering building companies all over the world for wind energy because if we just build companies in Texas then we will be saving are nonrenewable resorces and the other countries will run out then they will ask us we will say no and that could cause war.