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Happy November

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Staying Healthy

We are getting closer to the holiday hustle and bustle. I know there is starting to be lots of cancellations due to sickness - please be sure to stay healthy yourself! Sleep, wash hands often, use hand sanitizer between visits, drink plenty of water.
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Families need to ask school questions to the school

You are SO gifted at building relationships with your families, that they feel very comfortable asking you to answer their questions about school. I want to empower you to give them the phone number and the name of the person they need to speak to. You are teaching the parent that communication with school is the way to solve problems and that is a skill that will pay off for the next 20+ years!!

Enrollment Questions: Chris Freeman 986-2463

Head Start Questions: Trula Muir 986-2497 or Jenn Allen 986-2496

School Calendar Questions: Kim Fischer: 986-2464

Health room/Immunization Questions: Chris Sabin 986-2472 or Elizabeth Lynn (RN) 986-2462

Frustrated parent who can't get a straight answer: Kerry 986-2465 or Jeanie 986-2485

MAFA - Mid-America Head Start Family Assessment - Form 7000

Here are some guidelines for use with the MAFA. Click the link below.

Remember, each high needs family is to have a Family Centered Assessment. We enter that into VTW that it has been completed. No need to enter scores. You can enter it two ways:

From the Guardian Page:

Go to "Guardian Data" page

On the left side of the page, click "Assessments"

On the right side of the page, Click "Add New"

From the drop down menu, select "Mid-America"

Enter the correct date it was done

At the bottom of the page, enter "create"

From the PVR.

Under "guardian assessments" you would check "Family-Centered Assessment"

You would need to put Mid American Family Assessment in the tool used section.

If you do not know the answer to a question, leave it blank. No need to enter scores in VTW. You will need the hard copy score sheet that Jessi created for us to use. That is where you will enter your scores. Keep that in the front of all your student files in a folder marked "Family Centered Assessment". You will update yearly.

Mid America Head Start Family Assessment:

The Mid America Head Start Family Assessment is designed for use by programs serving families with children 0-5 years. It is a tool that assists parent educators in getting to know families, identify any supports needed, and establish goals with families. It is a matrix based management system that plots families on a fivepoint assessment system of thriving, developing, stable, at-risk and, in-crisis. The assessment is conducted through a combination of observations and semi-structured interviews with the parent(s).

Please note: Family-centered assessment is a strategy for structuring and documenting discussions with families to recognize factors that promote their resilience, well-being, and facilitate goal setting. As such, family centered assessment tools used by affiliates are not required to have established research reliability and/or validity.

From DESE Website:

11. What is the purpose of a family-centered assessment? The family-centered assessment serves as a strategy to get to know and understand the family, their resources and their needs. The family-centered assessment gives parent educators a snapshot of the family; a picture that informs goal setting, and helps the parent educator plan and deliver services.

Screening those under 3

How do I enter the ASQ and the ASQ-SE for those under 3?

When entering in VTW, we will enter these together since they are the same tool. One entry for ASQ (which includes ASQ, ASQ-SE and HHV).

Remember, a screening is NOT complete until the health, hearing and vision has been done, the ASQ is complete and the ASQ-SE is done. All three pieces need to be done BEFORE you enter it into VTW. You just need to have at least two visits done before entering as DESE requires you to in order to count the visit and a screening.

You can administer the screening pieces however you choose, you can do part of each on both visits, all the HHV and ASQ-SE on one and the ASQ on the other. Whatever you like. Just remember, Kerry has always said that you SHOULD do the HHV first to make sure there are no health issues before you do the developmental screening piece.

When a student if over 3, the Dial and ASQ-SE are entered separately - they are different tools.

New Missouri PAT Website

Here is the link to the new website that has been created for Missouri PAT. They are hoping this will make it easier to register for PLC's in the future and have more information available for parent educators.

O.L.I.V.E.R.....he's coming!

New Date for Oliver

OLIVER is now scheduled for November 19. There is a video available on the PATNC website. You need to log into the portal and look for the video that is for "Model Certified" users (that's us!). Try to watch this before he is helpful.

Copy Room

Please take your copies or put them on the shelf where they belong. If you make copies, please please please use the original (when available) or print from google or the curriculum. The copy of the copy looks awful.

Remember, we are the first experience people have with the school district. Let's show them that we are professional and that we do things right.