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12.15.14 Week at a Glance


Thank you for everything you are doing for our scholars. Thank you for making a sincere attempt at 100% conferences. Thank you for progress monitoring and keeping up with No Nonsense Nurturer too. You are doing great work.

Deliverables for this week:

By Wednesday close of day:

1) To Evodia: sign in/phone call papers for conferences

2) With Evodia: Sign in any missing payroll sheets PLEASE

3) Notes in your committee (electronic ) folder after meeting with committee

4) WINTER ASSEMBLY sign up in offcie

BY Friday before leaving:

1) Your Revised teaching schedule in electronic drive with instructional minutes (On Monday, an explanation will be in an email)

Paper, Paper !! Need your help.

The office needs your help with paper consumption. One huge strategy: Please do not leave the copier while it is running. This probably results in about 30% of our waste. We are finding piles of paper every day from botched projects. . I have also asked Evodia and Ida that we will not be giving out reams from the closet. Please bring your paper when you copy. Finally, have also asked the after school program to help us with paper budget.

Lunch Detention: Please use clipboard near cafeteria microphone. and BLUE spots

For Lunch detention: we are letting students eat with their peers but not allowing them to play. The way we can hold them accountable is if you write down detention names next to the microphone. There is a clipboard on the wall. Also, I painted small blue spots near every other bench. That is where I ask students to sit during detention.


Monday, December 15

Reminder Friday is a minimum day

9:00am Cancelled Leesa , Brian David (math) meet at 9:00 (prep)

3:00pm Rachel meets with ILT portable C 3:00, Mr. Purcell at budget training

3:05pm Faculty Meeting Cancelled

Tuesday, December 16

Cookie Dough Pick UP DAY

8:30am Intercom: Every Tuesday: Meet Mr. Purcell in the Garden

12:30pm Auditorum/Futures/Porter/Wegner/Pandora

12:50pm Kinder/First Physical Fitness

1:00pm Colleen Cover Kawthar IEP for MH


PBIS Team meets @ portable C

Wednesday, December 17

Farmer Market On Campus: Classes welcome

Minimum Day No PD TODAY

8:30am Director Sondra AguileraSchool Visits

12:00pm CSC Buddies!

2:00pm Please meet on own with committees and update electronic foldersDue to Evodia before going home: Sign in sheet conferences/phone calls, committee notes,

Winter Asssembly sign up

Thursday, December 18

Rachel in Charge: Mr. Purcell at meeting (I will come back for SSC)

10:00am COST in 214

12:50pm Grades two /Three Physical Fitness (Coach gets students from class, teacher meets outside at 1:45 )

4:30pm SSC December 2014 portable C (School Site Council)

Holiday Get Together @ Emily Zulpo tonight

Friday, December 19

Special : Minimum Day today

8:30am Parent Cafe Port A

Mr. Purcell will take Tanton's class to assembly (IEP)

Starts at 9 AM Sharp: 9:00am -10:30? Futures Winter Assembly (sign up in office by Wed. afternnon)

Kindergarten: arrive last please

12:50pm Will ask Maleni for make up session (today minimum day) Grades Four/Five Physical Fitness (Coach gets students from class, teacher meets outside at 1:45 )

Monday, December 22

Winter Recess