My Digital Life

By.Emily Oakes

My Digital Life begining

I wake up in the morning at 6:00 am. I get up out of bed and start putting my clothes. Then I go and brush my teeth and hair. I eat something for breakfest and head out to the bus stop. When I get on the bus and sit down I check my cellphone for messages.

Listening to Music on the bus.

Sometimes when I'm on the bus I listen to my music on my Ipod. I don't like the loud noises the kids make on the bus. It makes me a little nervous and bothers me a lot. So I'll plung in my headphones and listen to my music to keep me calm.

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Using the Computer in Class

Every morning I use my laptop either in Mr.Ball's or Mrs.Shekeltons class. We also type our class notes and look at powerpoints in class. We get on websites and research the things that we are assigned.

Texting in the Hallway

After class is over I usually check my messages again to see what's up with my friends. My friend and I text each other during school so we can find each other. Often we just talk about personal things. We also text to see if we are meeting after school somewhere.

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Checking the time on my Phone

A lot of time during the middle of the day I check my cellphone for the time. I check the time in my 3rd or 4th period classes that I have with Mrs.Gleissner or Mr.Burns. I do it then because I'm either cooking something or playing the piano. I check the time so I won't be late for lunch.

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On my laptop at Lunch.

When I don't have enough time to do my work in SRT or class I will do my work at lunch on my labtop. Sometimes when I have an Idea for writing something I'll pull out my labtop and type my idea in Word. I usually write poetry or a story. My writing is based on my personal feelings and thoughts.

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Checking the phone before class

After lunch I'll check my phone again to see if I have any messages from my friends. I'll text them on my way to class. Usually asking about homework or what to expect from my next period. But, I don't always text them back with infomation.

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Using my Ipod agian

When I am very anioxus or bored I listen to my music to calm me down in class. That way I can stay in the class room and learn like everybody else. Music is one of the methods I use to keep calm and to keep focus. It gives me a feeling of happniess and joy.

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Using the phone or Ipod as a resouce

Teachers sometimes let students use their phones and Ipods as a resouce in class. Example when we do surveys in class we can use our cellphones to text our answer. I even use my Ipod or phone as a calculator when I don't have my calculator in class that day. I use my phoe as a calculator mostly in math class.

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Bell Rings!

When the bell rings for school to be out, I turn on both my IPod and phone to entertain me until someone picks me up from school. I text all my friends to see how their day was and we text for the rest of the day. I turn up my music as loud as possible to make me smile. Then I go home and relax for the rest of the day.

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The end of my ditgial day.

This is my usual ditgial day. Everyday I'm using technology for either entertainment or school work. I think over all I do a pretty good job with how much I use my electronics through out the day. Howeve,r I wish I could do a little bit better and go outside more. "It's creating a whole new mental environment ,a state of nature where the human mind becomes a spinning instrument panel,and few people will survive unscathed." Tony Dokoupil said.