Roman Times

The Times of the Romans

Major building project is just now getting done!

Diocletian's Palace has been under constructed for about a year and has finally been finished.. This marvelous building was built by the famous roman emperor Diocletian as a preparation for his retirement. Diocletian is the first roman emperor who voluntarily retired from his position as emperor. After his retirement on May 1, 305 he said that he will spend the rest of his life in his palace.

Sporting in the empire

Another year, Another Competition

This year is something to look forward to in Rome. It is the annual Rumble in the Coliseum. In this competition men will fight each other to death until there's only one man left, who shall be called the champion.

Politics party

Vote for Constantin, Now!

If you vote Constantine to be your leader and government official, he will assure you that Rome will be civilized and safe to all. He will make new, fair laws, and legalize Christianity, so vote for Constantine to be your new leader!

The Death of Julius Caesar

After many wonderful years, Julius Caesar is Murdered

Julius Caesar was one of the most important characters in all of Rome. He was part of the first triumvirate in 60 BC; ruling with Pompey and Crassus. In the years before Caesar became powerful, Rome was suffering from a great deal of disorder and violence. When Caesar went into rule, with the others, they bring peace to Rome, but when Caesar becomes to popular and the Senate tries to limit his power they can't, so they put him to death. After this Rome breaks into disorder and violence again; starting another Civil War.
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Christianity, Causing trouble in the Empire

Dear Editor,

I think Christianity should be banned. They are causing disorder and problems to the city of Rome. They are going to cause another civil war in rome destroying the empire. You need to stop this mess before it turns into a real problem.

Invasions of the Empire

Hide your wives, hide your kids, because if the barbarians come they destroy anybody and anything in their paths. They are ruthless, fierce, and much larger and stronger that any of us, so listen and do anything they tell you to do. They already invaded and destroyed the East empire and we're next, so be ready for whenever they come.

An interview with Hadrian

Me: So, Hadrian, do you like being the most well known emperors of ancient Rome?

Hadrian: Well, it has a lot of ups and downs like trying to keep peace or solve problems, like Christianity, but it's all worth it.

Me: What do you think of Greek culture?

Hadrian: I like it a lot, and I plan to make Greek culture the culture of the empire.

Me: Are starting any building projects soon?

Hadrian: Actually, yes, I am planning to rebuild the Parthenon, which was burnt down to the ground. Also I plan to build Trajan's Forum as well as many other baths, villas, and buildings.

Me: O.k., it was nice taking to you. I hope you have a great day.

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Roman Achievements

One major achievement is the creation of concrete and cement. With these two inventions they were able to successfully build a lot of magnificent buildings without them falling down. With concrete, they made roads through the city. These are two very important inventions that changed the way we lived.

Travel to Egypt TODAY!!

Travel to the land of the Pharaohs in this sightseeing adventure. Go look at the pyramids of Giza, or go see the great temple at Abu Simbel. It doesn't matter where you go, it will all be history and beautiful to see and experience.

The Debate Gate

The Plebeians and the Patricians

While the Patricians are wealthy and control the whole government, the Plebeians have no rights and has no say in the government at all. I think that this should change. I think the Plebeians should have the right to vote, and that the Patricians have too much power.