Hermia's Playlist

By Jackson Dowden

Theme: Love is dangerous and confusing but also a strong and driving force

In the play A Midnight Summer's Dream by William Shakespeare, the playwright expresses the idea that love is a strong, driving force that can sometimes be confusing or dangerous. Most of the character's actions are motivated by love, especially Hermia's. Almost every time you encounter a scene with her she is either arguing for her love or expressing her own love to Lysander. The author also portrays love having trouble or being confusing through both characters; Hermia and Helena. Hermia becoming confused why Lysander no longer loves her while Helena can't understand why Lysander is "pretending" to love her.

Queen - Under Pressure (Lyrics)

Song #1: "Under Pressure" by Queen

"...Under Pressure, that brings a building down, Splits a family in two..."

At the beginning of A Midnight Summer's Dream Hermia is forced to make a choice between marrying someone she doesn't love, becoming a nun, or death. There is a lot of pressure and she is growing resentful of her father, the one who is forcing her to choose. The family is splitting and Hermia is going through a hard time, making "Under Pressure" a perfect choice for her situation. This shows Hermia that love can be dangerous, because if she continues to love Lysander instead of Demetrius, she might die.

J Geils Band - Love Stinks |Lyrics|

Song #2: "Love Stinks" By J Geils Band

"You love her, but she loves him, and he loves somebody else. You just can't win..."

In the play, after Robin Goodfellow puts magic flower (dust?) on Hermia's lover, Lysander, making him love Helena her situation is pretty much the same as the lyrics above. However, you would first need to switch some of the her's and him's to look like this : "You love him, but he loves her, and she loves somebody else." then it would fit perfectly. This is a song for people going through a heart break and during this time, Hermia has recently been insulted by her lover. These specific lyrics really show how confusing her love life has become.

Rod Stewart - Young Turks LYRICS

Song #3: "Young Turks" By Rod Stewart

"...Young hearts, be free tonight..."

Close to the beginning of the play, Hermia decides to run away with her boyfriend Lysander. She is spurred to make this decision because of the pressure her father has been applying to her. They run off together because of love and this song is about two lovers running away. Much like the song "Under Pressure," "Young Turks" shows Hermia the dangers of love because if they get caught she will be dragged back to her father to face his wrath.

Tainted love- Soft cell (lyrics)

Song #4: "Tainted Love" by Soft Cell

The general meaning behind this song is that two lovers whose love was once great is now tainted by one lover's cruelty. After the magic flower (dust?) is put on Lysander's eyes and he loves Helena, he starts to insult Hermia. This is spurred when Hermia is confused about why Lysander doesn't love her anymore. Making love confusing.
Pat Benatar - Love is a Battlefield [LYRICS]

Song #5: "Love is a BattleField" by Pat Benatar

If the title doesn't express the message, then the lyrics certainly do. This song portrays the idea that love is hard and can change at any given time. One moment you are begging them to leave and the next, they mean the world to you. Also, the artist calls love a battlefield where many lose their lives. This shows Hermia that love is dangerous, confusing but also powerful.
Queen - You're My Best Friend (Lyrics)

Song #6: "You're My Best Friend" by Queen

While the song is meant to be aimed towards best friends, it is a song about how much someone means to you and I think that can be directed at any one you care about. In Hermia's case, she would be listening to this song and thinking about Lysander and how much he means to her. At any point of the story she could listen to this song because she never stops loving Lysansder. This song reminds Hermia how powerful love is and how important.
The Beatles - We Can Work it Out Lyrics

Song #7: "We Can Work It Out" By The Beatles

"...We can work it out, think of what your saying..."

While Lysander is in love with Helena because of the magic love flower, he insults Hermia insisting that he now loves Helena. Hermia feels extremely hurt and confused and these lyrics above are pretty much what I imagine she feels like saying. These lyrics would be directed at Lysander show her how confusing love can be.

Lionel Richie - Endless Love (with lyrics)

Song #8: "Endless Love" By Lionel Richie

The overall theme of this song is how powerful love can be. Hermia would probably listen to this song at the beginning or end of the story when her love for Lysander is strongest. This is the type of song someone would listen to if they believed they had found their true love.
Going to The Chapel Of Love Lyrics - The Dixie Cups

Song #9: "Going to the Chapel of Love" by The Dixie Cups

The song is about getting married and how much you love your fiance. At the end of the play, when every problem is resolved, Hermia and Lysander get married and still love each other very much. So, this is when Hermia would listen to this song and it shows Hermia that after everything she has been through, her love was strong enough to last.
I Can't Stop Loving You - Ray Charles - Lyrics

Song #10: "I Can't Stop Loving You" By Ray Charles

This song is about not being able to let go of someone you love. You literally, cannot stop loving them no matter what. This ties in with the part of the play where Lysander loves Helena but Hermia will not give up and keeps loving him. This teaches Hermia that if she keeps her love strong, all will end well.