Happy b-day Paul Bunyan

please come

come to this giant party on June 22

it will be at Garner State Park from 10 am to 3 pm

Party information

Saturday, June 22nd 2013 at 10am-3pm

234 RR 1050

Concan, TX

please call the host

Sourdough Sam at 123-456-7890

What we're going to do

12:00am-pancake lunch

12:30am-wood carving contest

1:30pm-ox show

2:00pm-best pancake recipie

Wish list

  1. A new axe (be sure it's big enough)
  2. Some new overalls (size is an xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxlarge)
  3. Some new shoes(he's always needing more because they don't last long)
  4. A large piece of land for him to settle(it's getting too cold up in Alaska)