Nonverbal communication

By Alan Johnson, 6th period, 2/9/16

Non verbal expressions definition

No-verbal expression simply refers to interpersonal communication without words.

Scholars and studies suggest that anywhere from 50 to 75% of all communications between people is non-verbal in nature.

facial expressions/ body language

Both of which are extremely critical in dealing with the aspect known as non verbal expression.

Both of these are also undervalued, but without these aspects the way we would communicate would be completely different.

Examples of body language

Body language explanation

Our body language typically shows our general demeanor. But they also dictate how our culture is through the world. It shows our personalities, and interests. It sows our mood, and attitude on certain days. It shows respect for people and situations.

Body language test

This was a test to understand other peoples body language, I thought it was very intuitive into what we could learn based on other peoples displays.

Facial Expressions

Facial expressions information

Typically facial expressions reinforce, or complement oral communication. But they may also inadvertently or purposefully contradict oral communication. But they always provide feedback and show reactions to people in conversations. But mostly they express motion in absence of other communication.

Facial expressions test

This is a test that is supposed to analyse how we receive, and interpret facial expressions. It is a very interesting, and different test.