Styles of Guitar

Lucas Fanning

Punk Rock

Guitars are extremely diverse and unique instruments. Joan Jett expresses her feelings about guitars by saying, "My guitar is not a thing. It is an extension of myself. It is who I am." Joan Jett played a punk rock style of guitar that uses loud guitar parts and picking actions. Punk rock musicians can play music that generally goes against the rules (Cooper 2).


Metal is another style of guitar in which the guitar is extremely heavy and loud. There is a thing called "shredding," where you play notes on an electric guitar so fast that you almost destroy it's strings (Herman 4). A musician, James Tork, once said, "Metal is about shutting out the tensions of life, putting it away (Tork 7). Many people use metal as a type of stress relief, for it often has a great message.


The acoustic guitar is arguably the most relaxing type of guitar playing. Acoustic guitarss are ideal for slow songs and country/folk music. Dan Fogelberg, a guitar expert at Dave's Guitar Shop in La Crosse, Wisconsin, expresses his feelings about acoustic guitars by saying, "I love the subtlety and tonal range of the acoustic guitar." An acoustic guitar can be a conventional six-string guitar, or it can be a twelve-string guitar, which has a much fuller sound (Bailey 3).


Blues is a catchy, rhythmic type of guitar in which mainly bass guitars and sometimes electric guitars can be used. Blues includes conflicting chords that are set in a specific patter so that they flow (Bailey 6). Many blues artists use the guitar parts to put a specific mood into the souls of the listeners. As Jimi Hendrix stated, "Blues is easy to play, but hard to feel" (Hendrix 4).


Jazz is comparable to Blues, the main difference is the type of guitar used. Jazz music is solely electric guitar. The building blocks of Jazz music are continuing to build up still today (Richards 11). As the infamous Jazz artist Duke Ellington informs us, "Hot can be cool, and cool can be hot, and each can be both. But hot or cool, man, jazz is jazz" (Ellington). Jazz is normally an electric guitar being played with other instruments, mainly, brass.

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