Jack Tewhill Period 7

Darry's peronality

  • Is the oldest of the greasers.
  • Academics are not his main concern.
  • Hardly ever cracks a grin.
  • He's the most mature.
  • Doesn't appear patient because movies bore him.
  • His real name is Darrel.
  • He has two brothers.

Physical features

  • Darry is 20 years old.
  • But he looks older than his true age.
  • He's six foot two and is well built.
  • He has dark brown hair with a cowlick in back.
  • And has bluish-greenish eyes.
  • He looks cool and smart.


  • Was captain of the football team.
  • His job was a roofer. And another which is unknown.
  • Likes not getting in trouble with the police.
  • Takes care of brothers.

How he stands amongst greasers

  • He is the oldest in the greasers.
  • The most mature.
  • Cool guy.
  • Kind of in charge.