Welcome to the prom!

It will be funny!

It comes quickly! Don't sleep!

The prom is special day. And all the pupils are looking forward to it for 11 years:) Everybody want to remember this day all his or her life. And everybody want to spend this day perfectly! Espesially girls:) So it is very important for every girl to plan all things about prom.

My ideal prom.

It's not secret that every girl dreams about perfect prom. I am not exclusion:)

I dream about something like retrodisco with dancing to The Beatles, Elvis Presley, jazz, blues or something funny and colorfull with music that we like.

It's very important to create magic atmosphere. We can make it with different ornamentations, with something very simple but pretty. Balls are mandatory:)

Food also should be simple but tasty. Because it's very harmful to eat at night. It will be perfectly if there are a lot of fresh fruts and juce.

An interesting programe is necessary, because it's awful when parents are bored. That's why I dream about different competitions, dancing, singing songs with the guitar and little funny plays from school life.

Dancing all night long is not discussed:) Also I dream that we will go to meet sunrise:)

And like every girl I want to look like perfectly and natural(it's very important for me).

To tell the truth I both look forward to prom and afraid it. But I belive in light future and think that my school life will end happily:)

The prom

Friday, Nov. 6th, 11:45pm

Zelva District, Grodno Region, Belarus

Grodno Region

Don't oversleep!