There's no excuse for animal abuse!

Stop the needless animal slaughter

On this day, everyone should know that we, humans, spring from animals. So why should we harm them, it's not like you would hurt your mother, would you? Everywhere around us, we see people wearing animal fur. In my opinion, this is really useless. I do think people should be allowed to eat meat if the animals are killed in a 'human' way, as this is a useful cause. Also is it strange how people find animals really cute when they are young, but once they grow older people start to humiliate them, and they are treated like dirt. We should learn to appreciate them as they are, and stop feeling smug because we think we are smarter. With this flyer i want to raise awareness for the other beings of our planet. Maybe we could just start by thinking about it. Every little step counts. The animals will be grateful for your help. Lukas VB
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07 Oltremare-R0X4 by Elnahir