Job Interview Process

By Kylar Cabrera

Before the Interview

  • Do research on the company that is interviewing you and the person who is interviewing you
  • Know where you are going and plan a route so you can get there on time
  • Review your resume to know what all on it
  • Come with response for question they might ask
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During the Job Interview

  • Don't arrive too early or late show up between 15 to 5 minutes early
  • Leave your phone in the car
  • Firmly shake the interviewer hand tell them your name and what you are interviewing for
  • Don't fiddle with anything on the desk
  • Make eye contact when answering
  • Answer clearly but don't ramble
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5 Common Interview Questions

  • Tell me about yourself- Don't talk about your personal life highlight your strengths
  • What is your greatest strength- Be specific and give examples of previous work experience
  • What is your greatness weakness- Be honest but tell why it could be a good thing
  • Why do you want to work here- Tell things about the company that you admire
  • Why should we hire you- Be specific highlight the strengths that inline with what the company is looking for
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After the Interview

  • Shake their hand and thank them for their time
  • Write a thank you letter to them stating that you are thankful for them giving you the interview
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How to Dress for the Interview

  • Dress one step above of the dress code
  • Wear solid dark colors don't wear bright colors
  • Don't wear a lot of jewelry
  • Neat clean hairstyle

Interview Don'ts

  • Don't dress like a slob
  • When talking don't use slang
  • Don't go for a high five or fist bump at the start of the interview
  • Don't arrive late or too early
  • Don't fiddle with things during the interview
  • Don't use phone while being interview
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