GT Language Arts

Mrs. Aldridge

Supply Sort

Please continue to sort supplies using the hot pink handout.

Bring me the following:

-Blue Folder

-Composition Notebooks


-Ziplock Bags

-Index Cards


Please let me know if you prefer to go by another name at this time.

First Day Packets

Please turn in your First Day Packet when everything is filled out and signed by your parents.


If you were not here for Dragon Camp, please see me for your locker combination.

School and Classroom Procedures

See power point and handout for more information

QR Reader

If you can, please download the QR Reader to your device. If you are not allowed, please ask your parents for permission before downloading.

All About Me Survey

Please scan the QR code below using your QR Reader and tell me more about yourself.

Technology Survey

Please scan the QR code below using the QR Reader to complete the technology survey.