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Hi, Oily Friends!

How is it April already?! I feel like it was just bitter cold outside a few weeks ago. I know it was because this is Ohio, and the weather here is so unpredictable! I'm excited that I have some flowers blooming and trees budding!

In this month's newsletter, you'll find:

  • April Promotions and My Team Promotions
  • My Upcoming Oily Events
  • Great Ways to Use Orange Oil
  • Details About ER

Happy reading! And, as always, feel free to email me, text me, or message me on FB if you have any questions! I love talking and sharing about oils! :)

April Promos <3<3

Each month, Young Living offers three different tiers of promotions that anyone can take advantage of. These promotions are FREE OILS sent to you based on the PV you spend in your order for the month. The promotions (read: free oils) are available when you purchase 190 PV, 250 PV, and 300 PV. You can be eligible to receive the free oils from the promotions either when you order on Essential Rewards or place a Quick Order. The benefit to placing an Essential Rewards order is that you will also receive points back on your purchase to save and use to buy more free oils! Total deal!

This month the promotions are amazing! If you place a qualifying order on ER, you also get a free 15 mL Stress Away! It's been out of stock for a little while, and I am so happy it's back! That's a great deal itself! With a qualifying order, you'll also get a free 15 mL Orange. One of my absolute favorite and most versatile oils! Keep reading to find out some great ways to use this one. At 300 PV you will get the Just for Kids Collection. This is a fantastic deal too! The oils are already pre-diluted, just for little ones.

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Upcoming Events

Zumba Master Class (May 7th)

Come see me at the Zumba Masterclass with Loretta Bates at Chase Elementary School. The event is 5/7 from 2:30-3:00. You can get your Zumba on and make some awesome oily goodies with me! I'll be there sharing about oils. You can also stop by and make an Energize Roller, Sore Muscle Cream, Hand Sanitizer, and/or Freshen Up Spray! These items will be available to make at my vendor table and will cost between $4 an $7 each. It is going to be a fun and exciting event! Here's a link to the event.

Essential Oil Workshops

I am also hosting two more Facebook events this month: Essential Oils 101 and My Top 10 Non-Kit Oils. Essential Oils 101 is a great way to learn about the basics of essential oils: reading labels, safety, and basic uses. If you have been using oils and want to learn a little more about all the amazing benefits of oils outside the kit, my top 10 non-kit oils is for you! I have not set a date for the workshops yet, but I will soon! I'll let everyone know what dates I plan on having these events!

Team Promotions

During the month of April, I am offering $20 back in PayPal cash to anyone who purchases a kit. You can be a new kit purchaser or a member who purchases another kit. Either way, you'll get the $20 cash back.

Also, if you sign up for ER this month or place an ER order with at least 100 PV, you will get a free 5 mL Grapefruit Vitality! I love drinking a drop of grapefruit in my water in the morning to boost my metabolism. It also smells amazing!

If you purchase a kit or place an ER order (100 PV) or join ER, let me know! I will send you your cash back or grapefruit oil!

Have You Tried Orange?

Orange is one of my favorite, non-kit oils. I use orange oil every day in so many different ways. To me orange is an oil like Lavender because it's so versatile. Every morning I use a drop of orange on my Thieves Aromabright Toothpaste to help naturally whiten my teeth. When I need a little boost to start my day, I rub a little En-R-Gee and orange on my wrists. Total energy boost! If I'm feeling like I need to brighten up my mood, I rub Joy and orange over my heart. I also put orange oil in my moisturizer at night! Recently I was reading how orange has properties that help clean out your pores. I have some stubborn blackheads on my nose and wanted to see if it could help. I've noticed that over time, that my blackheads are starting to clear up! Who would've thought! One of my favorite new recipes is to make orange-flavored chocolates! Take dark chocolate chips and melt in a double boiler or in the microwave. Mix in a few drops of orange oil to taste and allow to cool in molds. They are absolutely delicious!
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Are You Signed Up for Essential Rewards?

Essential Rewards is a great way to order new oils or stock up on ones you need. Not only will you get those great oils, you will earn reward points back with which to purchase more oils for free! To be part of ER, you just need to purchase 50 PV of products each month. And every month that you are on ER, you earn a larger percentage back in rewards points! You can get a skip month as well or cancel anytime that you would like to. I always find an oil to add to my ER that I am out of or want to try. It is very easy to hit the 50 PV each month. I have ordered over $500 in free oils over the past year just from free ER points! So amazing! If you want to learn more about Essential Rewards, come to my What is Essential Rewards Facebook Workshop this month!
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Until next month...

Love, happiness, and oils <3 Holly