Spotlight Review By: Samantha Izzi

By: Zoey Dean

288 pages

You either have it ...... or you don't

Point of View

This story was written in third person point of view.


Mackenzie Little-Armstrong (a.k.a. Mac) is a twelve year old girl from Los Angeles who is the daughter of two very rich and successful parents with amazing talents, but she is struggling to find a talent for herself. Emily Mungler is also a twelve year old girl from a small town in Iowa, whose parents are working class people. One day while visiting Los Angeles with her best friend Paige, Emily and Paige sneak out of their hotel while Emily's mother is sleeping to go to a movie premier party to meet their favorite actor Davey Woodward. When they get to the hotel where the party is taking place, a security guard was blocking the entrance. When they realize they are not on the guest list, Emily convinced the security guard that she was Davey Woodward's cousin. The premier party that Emily sneaked into happened to be the premiere party for Mac's dad new movie. When Mac notices Emily was able to trick the security guard with her acting, she realizes this could be her time to find her talent and win the social chair of eighth grade. Emily is very excited about becoming famous, and Mac is very determined to get her there. But, will the two girls make their way to the top or will there be two many obstacles in the way?


Never give up on your dreams.

I can apply this theme to my life because just like Mac and Emily, I never give up on something I want to do. In the book Mac was determined to make a small town girl into a famous celebrity. Also Emily was determined to become a famous celebrity no matter what it took. Sometimes in life you really want to be or do something special, but people don't give you a chance or don't support what you want to do. So it is always important that you go for your dreams.