They Never Came Back

Written by Caroline Coony

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Why should you read it?

This book should diffidently be at the top of your list. It's a page turning, short read that can appeal to all readers because of it's dramatic scene, love interests, and action-packed parts.

One reason i enjoyed this book is because of the authors description, if you like reading things that perfectly describe everything without going into way to much detail this is the book for you. Have you read any of Margret Patterson's books? If you read and enjoyed those books you will enjoy this book. They have similar writing styles. They both have a huge vocabulary and describe things similarly.

Another unique feature of this book is that it skips from Murielle Lyman point of view to Cathy Ferris 's point of view. This allows you to see from to points giving you a better perspective on the plot. For those reasons I recommend They Never Came Back to you.

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Where is it set?

They Never Came Back is set in a New York neighborhood called Greenwich. It's a average size neighborhood.It has a High School (where protagonist attends.)and other community centers. Set in present time - published 2008.other small settings include Louis home, foster home, Murielles old home Ect.

What is the Conflict and Plot?

Cathy Ferris is a normal teenage girl, who attends the summer school program at Greenwich High School. Nothing out of the ordinary - or so it appears. She was sitting in lunch when boy named Tommy accused her of being his long lost cousin, Murielle Lyman. No one knows the truth. many kids are asking questions like - who is Murielle ?- Many people tried interrogating Cathy-but she denied she was Murielle. Rory and Cade Lyman are thieves,No doubt about that.They fled the country and our now running from the F.B.I. They were planing g on taking there 11 year old daughter until she missed the flight. When she was put in foster care she got lost. Cathy is in foster care. Coincidence?

*spolier Alert*

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Who are the characters?

Protagonist - Murielle: Is a 9 year old girl who has grown up in a multi-million dollar pent house in New York City. Murielle had never known her parents were thieves. Murielle is average height with brown silky hair that never stays put. she is a very determined young lady that has confidence in all her actions. Her child like nature leads her to trust everyone. She trusts in her parents even when they didn't have trust in themselves.

Antagonists- Rory and Cade: are billionaire thieves.They steal for a living. Rory and Cade Lyman are middle aged parents of Murielle Lyman. they as well are average height with brown hair and brown eyes.They are risk takers, they have been there whole life. They are currently on the run from the F.B.I. for thievery in tax refunding. the constant question everyone asks them is do they have a regard for any thing other than money.

Protagonist-Cathy: is a teenage foster child who is enrolled in the summer Latin class at Greenwich high school. Cathy always tries to see good motives in people. If you trick her - beware. Cathy's quiet a normal teenager. She has uncooperative brown hair, so she wheres braids.Her mind is very advanced. She's intelligent and street smart. Cathy's pretty straight forward ,but sometimes people aren't exactly who you think they are.

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Is There a Moral to this Novel?

Yes, at the end of the book it is brought to your attention that Family and Friends are more important than money. " As for Rory and Cade Lyman, i will never know if there is anything sweet in either of there lives, or if they are rich in anything other than money. " thought Cathy. This means that you can have a very rich and wealthy life but yet at the same time have a very poor life. Money can't even compare to the joys of love and family.