Universities Tracking Social Media

Are they overstepping their bounds?

Are Colleges and universities overstepping their authority when it comes to tracking students on social media?

Prior Knowledge of tracking on social media

  • On ESPN they talk about things that coaches and players say on social media
  • At Alabama they track social media when you rush for sororities
  • sometimes what players say on social media will ruin their college career
  • Les Miles got to keep his job because of the support his fans gave on social media
  • Social media can make people look at you differently depending on how you use it
  • At Louisiana State University they have a building where people track certain students on social media

One Touch can change your future

The power is in your hands. What if someone told you that one picture you post, one comment you say, one like you give could make or break your future.
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Social media and college admissions

Dangers to the students being tracked on social media

  1. Get kicked out of clubs or sororities/fraternities
  2. Not get a job or internship you wanted
  3. Get a bad reputation
  4. Rumors could spread
  5. Not get recruited for a sports team
These are only some of the dangers for college students,think about the dangers for everyone out there.
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Benefits of tracking social media

  • Know what people are saying about coaches and players at your college
  • Know if the pledges for your sorority are worthy of the sisterhood
  • Find out if the person you are trying to recruit is really focused on that sport
  • Avoid recruiting a bad choice by seeing what that person posts on social media

My opinion

Are colleges and universities overstepping there boundaries? No. Colleges and universities have a right to know what is happening with their students. I believe using social media as a resource is a great thing. If the sorority you are a pledge for finds out you put a bad picture or comment on Instagram, Facebook, or twitter, that is your own fault. If you get kicked out of a club or team for an action on social media you have nobody to blame but yourself. You are the one with the power in your hands, Nobody can be blamed but yourself for these actions. Social Media could also make your future not just break it. As long as you aren't posting things you know you shouldn't your Career or future shouldn't be influenced by your social media. The Question is will you use this power in the right way?


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