RVHS Weekly Newsletter

Friday April 30th 2021


Happy Friday Eagle families!

May 3-7 is Teacher and Staff Appreciation Week. This year has been exceptionally challenging for students and staff. I am so proud of the resiliency, effort, empathy and creativity the RVHS staff have demonstrated for the past 13 months of this pandemic.

If one of the staff members at RVHS has made a positive impact for you or your student, it would be a great time to show your appreciation. Kind notes, creative video clips, words of gratitude are much appreciated gestures. You may also send a Teacher/Staff Shout Out for publication in next week's Weekly Newsletter.

We got this!

Tim Dignan

TVUSD High School Summer School

Summer School 2021

Dates: 6/14/21 - 7/9/21 Monday - Friday

No school on Friday 7/2/21

Monday - Friday 8:00 - 10:00

Monday - Friday 10:15 - 12:15


Teacher and Staff "SHOUT OUTS" from Students and Parents

Mrs. Cooper is Super nice!!

Mrs. Cunningham always lifts my spirits!

My son who is in 11th grade just started at Rancho this semester. I want to give a shout out to both Mr. Krefft and Mrs. Webb in responding to my emails almost immediately in both cases. My son had been marked absent in both classes so I had reached out to both to verify that he was in fact in class on that day. They both got back to me right away. My son seems really happy and says he likes all of his teachers which is huge for us. We have been through a lot with him these last couple years and I just hope a fresh start here will really help him. I can already tell by your teachers attitudes that this could finally come to fruition with him as long as he puts the work into it.

Mr Eagleton is a great teacher!!! I am very grateful for all the support he has provided my son!

Mrs. Jereczek has helped my child by caring not only for her education, but also for her well being as a human. She’s said to be generous, selfless, and, “a bit like jack black in school of rock”.

MRS COOPER -----SHES LITERALLY SO SWEET and makes me feel so comfortable around her.

Mrs.Jereczek and Mrs. Cunningham are the BEST!!

I've heard A LOT of Mrs. Medina did this, Mrs. Medina did that, Mrs. Medina is doing this... so I shout her out for doing all that and being the best math teacher I've had... and Mr. Eagleton I shout out for having that specific personality... its cool and funny!!

Mrs. Rice you have answered all of our questions even when you weren’t in school. You made us understand Zane's graduation plan and we really appreciate you. Thank you for all your hard work.

Mrs. Shanahan you have worked with Zane on his apex and helped him see he had to do the work to graduate. He got off to a rocky start but with your persistence and communication with me he has finished all his Apex work. We appreciate you. Thank you for all your hard work and dedication.

Mr. Trout you have worked well with Zane and it is appreciated. You didn’t give up on him even though he started out rough. Thank you for your work, compassion, and dedication. You are appreciated.

Mr. Krefft you have worked with Zane a lot. He is finally understanding how to do the work. We would like to thank you for not giving up on him and giving him the extra help he needed. Your dedication is outstanding and we thank you for it.

Mrs. Cooper you have put your students first, and that is all wonderful. Zane enjoys your class. Thank you fit for keeping me posted about the work he was missing and letting him catch up. Your dedication is great. We appreciate you.

Ms. Cunningham you are a true angel !

Mrs. Cooper you have put your students first, and that is all wonderful. Zane enjoys your class. Thank you fit for keeping me posted about the work he was missing and letting him catch up. Your dedication is great. We appreciate you.

Mrs. Cooper-- I sent her a email and she respond right away . She even took the time to write a card to my son on Easter break, she is just positive and caring in anyway. She is the best!!


Mrs. Cooper is one of the sweetest teachers I know.

Mrs. Medina always has such a positive attitude and light about her that brightens up my mood. She’s extremely encouraging and will always be there to help you. I really just love her as a person not just a teacher which is why she’s one of my favorites.

Mrs. Cunningham -She’s cool and nice

Mrs. Cunningham is super sweet!!

*******ATTENTION SENIORS*********


Date: Saturday, June 5

Time: 11:00 AM

Duration: 45-60 minutes

Location: Great Oak High School Stadium

Parking: Pool Lot - access from Primrose Avenue

Attendance: Each graduate will receive 6 tickets.

Caps, Gowns, Diploma Covers and Tassels

For those who have not already purchased graduation materials online, you may do so on May 26 from 10:30-12:30 on campus. This is the only day to make purchases.

Diploma cover and tassel: $20 - cash only

Cap/Gown/Cover/Tassel: $50 - cash only

Safety protocols will be strictly enforced:

  • All students, staff and observers must wear masks.

  • Social distancing of 6 feet between non household members must be maintained.

  • All participants must complete the Daily Health Screening prior to entering the stadium.

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Justin Jett ---- 5/06

Christian Sherbondy --- 5/06

Gavin Kolb --- 5/07

Taylor Rossmiller --- 5/07


Nalani Jones

Nalani is consistent, hard working and intelligent. She is rarely absent and does great work in art. She seems very mature and carries herself well. She recently participated in the Vans Custom Culture art contest. Not only did she do a great job on meeting her deadline, but she did a remarkable job with her entry.

Daniel Hankins

Daniel comes to class with such a positive attitude each day! He is kind, respectful and always has a smile on his face :) Daniel is a hard worker and uses his class time wisely. I look forward to 7th period, because Daniel is in my class!

Employee Of The Week

Melissa Russell

Mrs. Russell is our health/counselor clerk at RVHS. She has been a part of the team for 12 years and there isn’t a student story she hasn’t heard or seen that would shock her at this point. She has handled all of the craziness and unpredictability that comes with being the health clerk with poise and professionalism, and that’s saying a lot. From dealing with student injuries to chemical imbalance and worse, she manages major health events on campus like a pro. Even though most students would meet Mrs. Russell at a time that they feel sick or bad, all of them would tell you that she is caring and they enjoy spending time talking with her. She has a big heart for the students and staff. So, if you get a chance stop by and say hi.

Recently, she has picked up a lot of responsibilities working with student graduation plans and credits, and even though this hasn’t been her primary responsibility for the past odd number of years, she has been instrumental in making sure all of the student graduation information is correct and updated. This week we had a student who claimed he had passed a class in a different district but there was no record of it in the system. Within a matter of hours, Mrs. Russell had tracked down the school information and updated the TVUSD transcripts for the student, and now that student no longer has to take a science class and is one step closer to graduation. Thank you Mrs. Russell for all of your hard work and dedication, you are the employee of the week. You Rock!

We check for the Eligible Timestamp before you enter the campus

Scan the QR code below for quick access to the Daily Health Screening for all students returning to campus

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  • Check students temperature (Must be under 100 degrees) without the aid of fever-reducing medicine.
  • Complete the Dailey Health Screening
  • Bring student mask/face covering
  • Bring student personal refillable water bottle
  • Bring student district-issued or personal iPad, Chromebook, or other compatible learning devices
  • Bring student assigned instructional materials
  • Have students eat a healthy breakfast.
  • TVUSD Student/Parent Health & Safety Agreement

Lisa Sindermann

Secretary To Principal Tim Dignan and

Assistant Principal Tim Mann