The best Yoga Classes, Yoga Theraphy and Workiste Health Programs in the Houston area

Hi! My name is Kat Axmann and I am an experienced yoga, health and fitness professional and Lululemon brand ambassador in the Houston area.

My journey for improved health led me to yoga, nutrition and wellness, where I founded Axmann Consulting-the perfect opportunity to share my knowledge with others. At Axmann, our passion is improving health by increasing vitality and eliminating susceptibility to illness and disease.

Classes, creative workshops and learning seminars include Yoga induced with breathing and meditation, Juicing to cleanse and refresh the body, Stress Management and seminars to help break high risk behaviors.

We offer individual and small group yoga classes as well as Worksite Wellness Programs designed to create a healthier, more productive workforce. All of our classes are taught by highly qualified professionals who inspire and motivate clients of all ages and skill levels.

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