Water Power

By Lauren

Bridgeport Falls

Bridgeport falls is located in southern Ontario and is home to the largest waterfall system in north america. It has a population of over one million people and another 3 million people live in the surrounding area. The area of the city is 209 square kilometers. Bridgeport falls is also a border town with another 5 million people living on the U.S side of the Falls.

Advantages/ Benifits

My company will benefit by giving your homes clean water to go through your sinks, bath tubs and toilets. Water Power plants will not produce pollution. Reservoirs have many many uses. Reservoirs often provide the farmers with water for your crops. Reservoirs also provide boating and many other fun activities for the visitors.

Disadvantages/ Drawbacks

There are some disadvantages, a disadvantage is that some of the Water Power plants, they rely on rain fall can be undependable. Another disadvantage is Droughts, they reduce river water, they leave less water to make electricity.One more disadvantage is dams, they can harm the environment. When dams get built, areas that are upstream get flooded.