By Micah Freeman

Slovakia's Religion and Language

Slovaks are mainly Roman Catholic. Their official language is Slovak. They also speak German, Polish, Hungarian, & Czech.

Slovakia's Food

There are many kinds of food in Slovakia, but the most popular ones are the Byndzove Halusk and the goulash. Byndoze Halusk is noodles with sheep's cheese sprinkled all over it. Goulash is a type of stew with meat and veggies- seasoned with spices including paprika.

Slovakia's Celebrations

Slovaks usually celebrate: St. Nicholas/Christmas, Easter Monday, & original Birthdays.

On St. Nicholas Day (December the 6th) kids leave their shoes on the windowsill for St. Nicholas to fill it with treats.

On Easter Monday (April 6) Boys go to girl's house to poor water on them & lightly hit them with willow branches to make them look "fresh all year". Then the girls award them with decorated eggs and other treats.

Slovakia's Traditions

Slovaks celebrate folk dances, music art, & traditional costumes.

Slovaks traditional costumes has came from the medieval style of clothing. They usually wear different patterns, & designs of modifications.

Slovakia's Folk dances are danced without holding a partner, in a position next to him, with hands on the side.

Slovakia's Music is commonly celebrated with traditional instruments, including the Fujara. The fujara creates a long resonant timbre. Along with the fujara, you'll find other traditional instruments like: Konkouna, bag pipes, & the jaw harp.

"fujara" Slovak traditional national musical instrument

Video of Fujara


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2 Slovakia's famous landmarks

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Spiš Castle

The Spis Castle is in Easter Slovakia, one of the largest castle sites in Central Europe. The castle is located above the town of Spisske Podhradie & the village- Zehra. It was built in the 12th century and owned by the the Kings of Hungary.
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Slovak Paradise

Slovak paradise is a mountain range in central Slovakia. It's part of the Spis-Gemer Karst which is in the Slovenske Rudohorlt. Its full of Canyons, gorges, waterfalls, forests, and ravines.



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Slovakia's Government

Slovakia's Government is a Parliamentary Democracy. The president (Andrej Kiska) is head of the state. Its elected by the people to serve a five-year term. The voting age is 18 yrs old or older.

Capital: Bratislava

President: Andrej Kiska

Head of Government: PM Robert Fico