By: Emily Stephens


Scottish people live here with a population of 5,295,000. The average Scott will make anywhere from 26-35 pounds. Winters average at 32 degrees and Summers are anywhere from 66-77 degrees. Around 18.5 million people visit Scotland a year and 1.58 million of those people traveled from over seas.

Cultural Information

Music is a big part of the Scotland Culture. Some artist in Scotland are Colin Stuart, The Alexander Brothers, and Will Frye. The official animal of Scotland is the Unicorn, the first Loch Ness sighting was in 565 AD, and the first hospital to teach medical students was founded in Glasgow, Scotland.

Political Information

Scotland is apart of a Devolution Monarchy. This form of Government was started in the 16th Century.

Breaking away from the UK

In 2014, Scotland had a vote to see whether or not they would stay apart of the UK or break away. Scotland lost this vote in a 55-45% vote.

Famous Scot's

Ewan McGregor and Gerard Butler are some famous actor's that were born and raised in Scotland.


Just like cereal is a common breakfast food here in the United States, Porridge is like the cereal of Scotland. This is often a common breakfast good that can be found in most homes. Needless to say, Goldilocks would be very happy. We may eat hamburgers left and right, but the Scottish eat fish and chips like nobodies business.